Apocalypse Nails: 10 DIY Nail Art Designs for the End Times

Survivors and style enthusiasts, welcome back to our confident and casual exploration of DIY nail art in the apocalypse! In this follow-up post, I present ten detailed nail art design suggestions that fuse creativity with an apocalyptic twist. Let your nails become a canvas for resilience, rebellion, and post-apocalyptic chic.

1. Radiant Resistance Ripples:

  • Base Color: Vibrant sunset orange.
  • Design: Use a thin brush to create rippling waves of resistance symbols – gas masks, protest signs, and silhouettes of rebels against a dystopian skyline.

2. Toxic Terrain Tips:

  • Base Color: Neon green or toxic waste yellow.
  • Design: Add dripping toxic symbols or biohazard signs using a fine brush. For an advanced touch, create a gradient effect with darker shades towards the tips.

3. Barbed Wire Bliss (With Nail Stamping):

  • Base Color: Rusty metal brown.
  • Design: Incorporate nail stamping plates featuring barbed wire patterns for a rugged look. Accentuate some nails with 3D barbed wire embellishments for added texture.
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4. Nomadic Neutrals Nailscape:

  • Base Colors: Versatile neutrals like beige, gray, and taupe.
  • Design: Create a nail landscape by painting minimalistic desert scenes, abandoned cityscapes, or wandering nomads. Use small brushes for detailing and add matte topcoat for a weathered effect.

5. Apocalypse Abstract Art:

  • Base Color: Choose a muted pastel shade.
  • Design: Let your creativity run wild with abstract apocalyptic patterns. Think shattered glass, fractured landscapes, or distorted cityscapes.
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    For an advanced touch, add texture with gel or acrylic 3D elements.
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6. Morse Code Messages:

  • Base Color: Dark, mysterious navy blue.
  • Design: Spell out secret messages in Morse code using dots and dashes. Pick words or phrases that hold personal significance – it could be a motto, a rallying cry, or simply a hidden message for fellow survivors.

7. Rustic Rebel Red Rebelion:

  • Base Color: Bold, rebellious red.
  • Design: Incorporate stencils or vinyl cutouts to create rebel symbols – fists, freedom birds, or anarchist symbols. Add metallic accents or studs for an edgy touch.

8. Apocalypse Atlas (With Map Nail Stamping):

  • Base Color: Earthy, map-inspired tones.
  • Design: Utilize map-themed nail stamping plates to create a detailed atlas on your nails. Showcase post-apocalyptic regions or your journey through the changed world.

9. Cyberpunk Circuitry (With Foil Embellishments):

  • Base Color: Futuristic metallic silver or gunmetal gray.
  • Design: Combine nail stamping with foil embellishments to create a cyberpunk-inspired circuitry design. Add holographic or metallic foil accents for a high-tech twist.
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10. Dystopian Dreamcatcher (With Charms):

  • Base Color: Dreamy lavender or muted purples.
  • Design: Create a dreamcatcher on one or two nails using nail stamping or hand-drawn patterns. Add charms like tiny keys, locks, or symbols representing hopes and dreams amid the dystopian landscape.

Survivors, these detailed DIY nail art suggestions are your ticket to nailing the apocalypse in style. From rebellious reds to cyberpunk circuitry, let your nails tell the story of your survival journey with creativity and confidence. Grab your brushes, stamping plates, and embellishments – it’s time to showcase your post-apocalyptic chic! Happy crafting! 💅🏽

Nailing the Apocalypse: DIY Nail Art for the End Times

Greetings, fellow survivors and nail art enthusiasts! In the midst of the apocalypse, who says you can’t rock some killer DIY nail art? Join me on this confident and casual exploration as we delve into the world of apocalyptic nail aesthetics. Because let’s face it, even in the end times, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.

1. The Practicality of Apocalypse-Ready Nails: Picture this – you’re scavenging for supplies, building makeshift shelters, and confronting the challenges of survival. Now, imagine doing all that with beautifully manicured nails. Apocalypse-ready nails aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re a statement of resilience and practicality. Short, sturdy nails with a touch of creativity can be both functional and fabulous.

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2. DIY Nail Art Essentials – Limited Resources, Unlimited Creativity: In the apocalypse, resources may be scarce, but creativity is limitless. Raid abandoned stores for nail polish, repurpose old brushes for intricate designs, and embrace the freedom of expression. Apocalypse DIY nail art is all about making the most with what you have – turning remnants of the past into a canvas for self-expression.

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3. Functional Fashion – Nails as Tools: Your DIY nail art isn’t just for show; it’s functional fashion in the apocalypse. Long, sharp nails might be impractical, but a well-maintained set of short, painted nails can be a subtle weapon, aiding in tasks that require precision or even providing a makeshift tool for survival situations.

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Functionality meets fashion in the most unexpected places.

4. DIY Apocalypse-Inspired Designs:

  • Barbed Wire Bliss: Achieve the rugged look with a base color reminiscent of rusty metal, then add barbed wire designs using a thin brush.
  • Toxic Tips: Embrace the post-apocalyptic vibe with a neon green base and toxic symbols or biohazard signs for a look that screams “I survived.”
  • Radiant Resistance: Paint your nails with vibrant colors inspired by sunsets, adding silhouettes of iconic apocalyptic symbols like gas masks or shattered buildings for a touch of rebellion.

5. Therapeutic Nail Art – A Moment of Calm Amidst Chaos: Amidst the chaos of the apocalypse, take a moment for therapeutic nail art. It’s not just about the final look; it’s about the process.

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Sit back, breathe, and let the strokes of color on your nails be a calming ritual, a reminder that self-care can thrive even in the toughest of times.

6. DIY Nail Art as a Form of Identity: Your DIY nail art is a canvas for self-expression, a unique form of identity in a world that’s been reshaped. Whether it’s a subtle pattern, a bold statement, or even a hidden message in Morse code, your nails can tell a story. They become a personal emblem, a testament to your resilience and style in the face of adversity.

7. Limited Edition Nail Polish – The Apocalypse Collection:

  • Dystopian Dusk: A deep, moody shade reflecting the twilight of the old world.
  • Rustic Rebel Red: A color inspired by the resilience of survivors who endure.
  • Nomadic Neutrals: Versatile shades for the wanderers, adapting to the ever-changing landscapes of the apocalypse.

8. Community-Building Through Nail Art: In the apocalypse, connections matter. Share your DIY nail art skills with fellow survivors.

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Create a makeshift salon, trade nail polish, and turn nail art into a communal experience.
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It’s not just about looking good; it’s about fostering a sense of community and solidarity.

DIY nail art in the apocalypse is more than just a beauty trend; it’s a statement of survival, creativity, and identity. From practicality to functionality, therapeutic rituals to community building, your nails can become a canvas for resilience and style. So, fellow survivors, grab your makeshift nail polish palette, express yourself boldly, and let your DIY nail art speak volumes in the post-apocalyptic world. Nailing the apocalypse has never been so stylish!

Choosing the Best Shoes for a Pre- and Post-Apocalyptic Lifestyle

In a pre-and post-apocalyptic world, choosing the right footwear is vital. While our survival instincts may tell us to focus on practicality alone, that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style along the way. In this blog post, we’ll explore some realistic and practical tips for selecting the best shoes to navigate the challenges of a changing world. So, let’s lace up our shoes and step into the realm of pre- and post-apocalyptic fashion with confidence, humor, and a touch of practicality!

  1. “Durability Matters: Invest in Sturdy and Reliable Shoes”

When it comes to surviving in a chaotic world, durability is key. Look for shoes made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions you may encounter. Opt for sturdy leather or synthetic uppers that offer protection against the elements.

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Additionally, choose shoes with durable soles that provide good traction and are resistant to wear and tear.
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  1. “Comfort is King: Prioritize Support and Cushioning”

While style is important, let’s not forget the importance of comfort during our pre- and post-apocalyptic adventures. Look for shoes with ample support and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable during long treks and challenging terrains. Consider options with memory foam or gel inserts to provide extra comfort and reduce the risk of foot fatigue.

  1. “Versatility is Key: Choose Shoes for Multiple Occasions”

In a world where resources are scarce, versatility becomes crucial. Select shoes that can adapt to various situations and environments. Look for footwear that can transition seamlessly from hiking through rugged landscapes to navigating urban ruins. Opt for styles that can be dressed up or down, so you’re always prepared for any unexpected encounters and challenges that come your way.

  1. “Weather-Resistant Footwear: Protect Your Feet from the Elements”

Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice, so it’s essential to choose shoes that can withstand various weather conditions. Look for waterproof or water-resistant options to keep your feet dry during rainstorms or while crossing bodies of water. Additionally, consider shoes with breathable features to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort in warmer climates.

  1. “Practicality with Style: Finding the Balance”

While practicality is crucial, don’t let it dampen your personal style. Seek footwear options that align with your fashion preferences while still meeting the demands of survival. Look for shoes with unique design elements or color accents that add a touch of personality to your outfit. Remember, style can be a source of confidence, even in the most challenging of times.

  1. “Maintenance Matters: Care for Your Shoes to Prolong Their Lifespan”

In a world where resources are scarce, taking care of what you have becomes essential. Regularly clean and maintain your shoes to prolong their lifespan and ensure they continue to provide the support and protection you need. Invest in waterproofing sprays, leather conditioners, and appropriate cleaning products to keep your footwear in top shape.

Choosing the best shoes for a pre-and post-apocalyptic lifestyle requires a balance between practicality, comfort, and personal style.

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Prioritize durability, support, and versatility to ensure your footwear can withstand the challenges of a changing world. Don’t forget the importance of weather resistance, as well as regular maintenance to keep your shoes in optimal condition.

Remember, your shoes are more than just a functional necessity. They can express your personality, boost your confidence, and provide a sense of normalcy in uncertain times.

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So, embrace your pre- and post-apocalyptic fashion sense with a touch of confidence, humor, and practicality. Lace up your shoes and step into the world with style, knowing that your footwear is ready to take you on any adventure that comes your way!

Maintaining Your Hair with Style During the Apocalypse

In the midst of the apocalypse, survival becomes our top priority. However, that doesn’t mean we have to let our personal style go down the drain.

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While maintaining perfect hair may not seem essential in the face of impending doom, it can boost our confidence and help us feel a sense of normalcy in a chaotic world. In this blog post, we’ll explore some realistic and practical tips for keeping your hair stylish and manageable during the apocalypse.
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So, let’s dive in and discover how to rock your hair with confidence, even in the most challenging of times!

  1. “Embrace the Power of Dry Shampoo: A Savior for Greasy Hair”

When water is scarce, washing your hair regularly becomes a luxury. That’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue! Invest in a good-quality dry shampoo that suits your hair type and use it to refresh your roots and absorb excess oil. Not only will it give your hair a fresh look, but it will also add volume and texture, making styling a breeze.

  1. “Braids: The Ultimate Apocalypse-Proof Hairstyle”

Braids are not only stylish but also practical in the apocalypse. They keep your hair out of your face and protect it from becoming tangled and damaged. Experiment with different braid styles, such as fishtail braids, French braids, or even a messy boho braid. They’re versatile, low-maintenance, and add a touch of bohemian chic to your look.

  1. “Accessorize with Purpose: Make the Most of Limited Resources”

In a world where resources are scarce, get creative with your hair accessories. Repurpose everyday items like scarves, bandanas, or even shoelaces to add a pop of color and style to your hair. Use them as headbands, tie them around your ponytail, or create a unique turban-style look. Not only will it keep your hair in place, but it will also showcase your resourcefulness and personal flair.

  1. “Trimming Tips: DIY Hair Maintenance Made Easy”

Maintaining your hair’s health is crucial, even during the apocalypse. While professional haircuts may be out of the question, you can still trim your hair and keep split ends at bay. Invest in a good pair of hair-cutting shears or scissors and learn some basic trimming techniques. Whether it’s a simple dusting of the ends or a more intricate layered cut, regular trims will help keep your hair looking fresh and healthy.

  1. “Make the Most of Natural Textures: Embrace Your Hair’s Unique Qualities”

In the absence of fancy styling tools and products, embrace your hair’s natural textures and qualities. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, work with what you have and embrace its natural beauty. Use a leave-in conditioner or a curl-enhancing cream to define your curls or waves. For straight hair, add some texture with a sea salt spray or create soft waves with braids overnight. Remember, natural is beautiful, even in the apocalypse.

  1. “DIY Hair Treatments: Pampering in the Midst of Chaos”

Give your hair some extra TLC with DIY hair treatments made from natural ingredients. Create a nourishing hair mask using ingredients like avocado, coconut oil, or honey.

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These treatments will help hydrate and repair your hair, especially if it’s been exposed to the elements.
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Take some time for self-care and give your hair the pampering it deserves.

While the apocalypse may present numerous challenges, maintaining your hair with style doesn’t have to be one of them. By following these realistic and practical tips, you can keep your hair looking fabulous and boost your confidence, even in the midst of chaos. Embrace dry shampoo, experiment with braids, get creative with accessories, and pamper your hair with DIY treatments. Remember, your personal style is a reflection of your resilience and individuality, and it shouldn’t be compromised, even in the face of disaster.

So, rock your hair with confidence, embrace your natural textures, and remember that a little creativity goes a long way. While the world may be falling apart, your hair can remain a shining symbol of your style and grace in the midst of the apocalypse. Stay confident, stay stylish, and never underestimate the power of a good hair day, no matter the circumstances!

So I did end up knitting

Some time ago, back when we updated regularly, I promised I would learn to knit. Knitting, I proclaimed, was an excellent post-apocalyptic skill, and one that would also make me some post-apocalyptic money.

(not real world money. No-one is willing to pay what it’s worth).

Well, I learned. I’m at a reasonable level of skill now. I’ve made a jumper and a vest, and I can do lace and cables.  And I still maintain that knitting is an excellent post-apocalyptic skill to gain.

But tell you what. So are all the other fibrecrafts.

Spinning, with a drop spindle or a wheel. You can make your own yarn, out of pretty much any animal fibre. Even plant fibres

Drop spindle with wool
Drop spindle with wool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

including nettles. Meaning as long as you have some sheep, maybe a goat or two, and some nettle patches around your compound, you won’t have to rely on your scavengers finding the last good wool. I can spin using a drop spindle and am slowly making less awful looking yarn.

Weaving. Faster than knitting, and creates different kinds of fabrics. Great, wonderful. Can’t do this yet, but I am looking into learning.

Crochet. Like knitting but done with a hook instead. Better for larger projects like blankets and stuff. I’m not any good at this, so I plan to befriend at least one crocheter so I can force them into post-apocalyptic blanket-based slavery.

See, currently my plan is to basically have a super-defended fabric and clothing store. Oh, it sounds silly, but remember how flimsy and useless modern clothing is made to be. It’ll tear, wear out, rot. And then I’ll be there. With lovely, season-appropriate, knitted or woven goods.

And I’ll take all your valuables in exchange, thanks.

So, if you want to survive, maybe learn to knit, or crochet, or weave, or spin, or any number of old-fashioned life skills that are now hobbies. I can’t promise anything, but if you’re quick by the time the apocalypse comes you could have a place with me.


Semi-practical, Post-Apocalyptic Dress Up

As a faithful apocalypse fan-girl I always look for ways to incorporate my passion into my everyday life without triggering institutionalization. Is it possible to subtly cosplay, prep, or otherwise support my passion for the end of the world? YES! With semi-practical, post-apocalyptic dress-up!

I’ll show you a few examples of how you might pay homage without looking like you’re planning “an event.”

Bare Necessities

A simple, day outfit that covers the edgy side of apocalyptic dress-up. Feel pretty in a practical thermal dress and leggings wile you carry your junk in a handy utility belt instead of a snatchable purse.

In Case of Survival - Bare Necessities

Clementine from The Walking Dead game

Dressing up as the inspirational little girl from Telltale’s interactive apocalypse is pretty easy since she wears pretty comfortable everyday clothes. It’ll be kind of like a secret cosplay.

In Case of Survival - Clementine from The Walking Dead Game

 Maya the Siren from Borderlands 2

Everyone’s favorite badlands boss bitch can be your inspiration without too much fuss. You might want to add a bit more blue (aside from the shoelaces) with some accessories like a scarf, headband, or jewelry (especially on your left hand  where Maya summons her power orb).

In Case of Survival - Maya (Borderlands 2)

 Alice (Resident Evil Extinction)

Alice always manages to sty fashionable throughout the end of the world. Actually, she seems to get increasingly more fashionable as the apocalypse worsens… It’s hard to pick just one of her outfits to be inspired by. Though once you eliminate the outfits that are outright unpossible due to them being half CGI and half PVC, there’s some great material work with.

In Case of Survival - Alice (Resident Evil Extinction)
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Just Cover You Calves and Ankles

Way too often I see games, movies, tv shows and whatever else where people are trudging through the zombie apocalypse and, surprise, they get bit on the calf or ankle. Duh! Cover your calves and ankles and this problem disappears.

See, when people die they fall down. On the ground. Around that area where your feet are… That area you’re not usually looking in when you’re walking forward. I see some of the best shooters and fighters kicking through knee-high weeds and then ARRGGGH somethings got their leg like a shark attack.

Seriously though, I can’t feel bad for you if you see a bun of zombies crawling and laying around and you don’t think to protect your most vulnerable parts. You don’t even need combat boots or women’s boots (though women have no excuse for not covering their calves and ankles with boots). Rain boots, though your feet will stink in like six minutes, are perfect. Can you bite through rubber? I can’t.

And you know what the first suggestion will be? Cut the leg off! This may or may not work. Sometime it does, sometime it doesn’t (even in the same fictional universe in some cases). But even if it does, you’ll be hobbled and they’ll be whispering about not wanting to take care of you or how you’ll slow everyone down. This is all the best case scenario where you actually survive the bite and amputation. Because there’s the slow descent into infection and death from either the bite or the amateur doctoring.

Your calves and ankles don’t need to be covered with some indestructible, adamantium-type shit. What’s important is, can’t it be easily torn or bitten through? If no, you’re good. Also important, can you comfortably flee from not only shambling corpses but also fully ambulatory, aggressive humans.

TLDR: Cover Your Calves and Ankles

1. Dead people fall down; living people look up. You can’t change this, just deal with it.

2. Getting bit on the leg is a dumb way to die. Even if they try to save you, you’re dead-ish. They’ll laugh when they tell your story as a cautionary tale to children.

3. Most any boot will do because most people can’t bite through boots. (Also, animals are less likely to hurt you if they have an extra layer or leather or  soccer shin guards to get through.)

4. Don’t cover your calves and ankles to the detriment of your mobility. There’s no point in just being safe from the crawlers if you can’t dodge the walkers or out run the humans.

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Your Post-Apocalyptic Tribe: Dress for Success

Does anyone remember that show The Tribe about all the kids left over after a disease kills all the adults? They kids banded together in tribes based on their needs, interests, and location (e.g.: The Mall Rats). You could tell a lot about a person in that world based on how they looked and what they wore.

In the post-apocalypse you might want people to know who you’re allied with or where you’re from. It could mean the difference between being shot on sight or welcomed with open arms.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend tattooing your affiliation post-apocalypse. While it’s the permanent method that many gang members and sub-cultures seem to be fond of nowadays, it’s also potentially fatal if not done by a fully sanitized and licensed professional. You want to go through all the trouble of finding a group to belong to and then dying of tetanus right after your initiation?

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Not a good look.

Colors, also a gang favorite, are another great way to show your affiliation. But colors are going to be hard to find and be selective about come the end times. Also, if you’re team chooses red and their team chooses blue, the robots will still find all of you way more easily than if you all wore army green and hid in the forest.

Where you choose to hide, or set up for the long haul, will heavily impact not only who you’re associated with but also how you’ll need to dress to survive that environment. We here at In Case of Survival are all about practical[1. Psyche, we’re the least practical bitches on the earth.] survival.

If you’re residing in the sewers, you should have some goggles and a wrench and some sturdy boots for wading through muck and tightening drippy pipes. If you’re in the forests, you’ll need flexible shoes for climbing and stealthy movement, also a lot of form-fitting clothes so they don’t get caught on things.

More to the point of post-apocalyptic tribes, you’ll need to consider how to merge both recognizably and practicality.  If everyone looks like a hobo then no one likes someone you’d trust. Would you invite a hobo into your house, campsite, or country club?

Well maybe you’re a better person than I am, but I sure as shit wouldn’t.

Dos and Don’ts When Dressing Your Post-apocalyptic Tribe:

DO dress for your environment– both weather and terrain.

DO make room for weapons relevant to your environment and any enemies you might encounter.

DON’T go for garish colors or accessories– this is how the robots will spot you. Everyone in bright colors will die first.

DON’T let the tribe members get too flexible with the dress code.

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DO have something that’s difficult to replicate in a pinch like being black, or bald or tall or …

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Well those aren’t really feasible. Hair dye! Nail Polish! Piercings (though, like tattoos, there is a health risk involved).

Any other suggestions for dressing your post-apocalyptic tribe for success?

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Apocalyptic Shoe Fetish: Hot Topic

Recently I’ve been feeling some shoe lust. I want all the shoes all the time, especially if they’re boots that could be perfect for the apocalypse. Then I got the Hot Topic e-news (I can’t hear you laughing at me over the sound of my husband laughing at me) and it was filled with boots and studded heels of every make and model. Squee! Continue reading “Apocalyptic Shoe Fetish: Hot Topic”

Post apocalyptic fashion: Dr Martens.

I needed new boots. I needed new boots, badly. I’ve always been dedicated to Dr Martens, and my old pair had finally, completely died on me after 10 years of heavy wear and almost no polishing. (this might be the main reason they died) so I bit the bullet, took a lot of money from my account, and went shopping.

Continue reading “Post apocalyptic fashion: Dr Martens.”