Your Post-Apocalyptic Tribe: Dress for Success

Does anyone remember that show The Tribe about all the kids left over after a disease kills all the adults? They kids banded together in tribes based on their needs, interests, and location (e.g.: The Mall Rats). You could tell a lot about a person in that world based on how they looked and what they wore.

In the post-apocalypse you might want people to know who you’re allied with or where you’re from. It could mean the difference between being shot on sight or welcomed with open arms.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend tattooing your affiliation post-apocalypse. While it’s the permanent method that many gang members and sub-cultures seem to be fond of nowadays, it’s also potentially fatal if not done by a fully sanitized and licensed professional. You want to go through all the trouble of finding a group to belong to and then dying of tetanus right after your initiation?

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Not a good look.

Colors, also a gang favorite, are another great way to show your affiliation. But colors are going to be hard to find and be selective about come the end times. Also, if you’re team chooses red and their team chooses blue, the robots will still find all of you way more easily than if you all wore army green and hid in the forest.

Where you choose to hide, or set up for the long haul, will heavily impact not only who you’re associated with but also how you’ll need to dress to survive that environment. We here at In Case of Survival are all about practical[1. Psyche, we’re the least practical bitches on the earth.] survival.

If you’re residing in the sewers, you should have some goggles and a wrench and some sturdy boots for wading through muck and tightening drippy pipes. If you’re in the forests, you’ll need flexible shoes for climbing and stealthy movement, also a lot of form-fitting clothes so they don’t get caught on things.

More to the point of post-apocalyptic tribes, you’ll need to consider how to merge both recognizably and practicality.  If everyone looks like a hobo then no one likes someone you’d trust. Would you invite a hobo into your house, campsite, or country club?

Well maybe you’re a better person than I am, but I sure as shit wouldn’t.

Dos and Don’ts When Dressing Your Post-apocalyptic Tribe:

DO dress for your environment– both weather and terrain.

DO make room for weapons relevant to your environment and any enemies you might encounter.

DON’T go for garish colors or accessories– this is how the robots will spot you. Everyone in bright colors will die first.

DON’T let the tribe members get too flexible with the dress code.

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DO have something that’s difficult to replicate in a pinch like being black, or bald or tall or …

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Well those aren’t really feasible. Hair dye! Nail Polish! Piercings (though, like tattoos, there is a health risk involved).

Any other suggestions for dressing your post-apocalyptic tribe for success?

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6 thoughts on “Your Post-Apocalyptic Tribe: Dress for Success

  1. If those wearing bright colors die first, teenagers are going to go extinct. The neon colors fad strikes again. Post-apocalypse fashion advice? Blend in. Don’t showcase wealth, for the simple fact that someone will get the bright idea to rob you. Often simple is best. Yet at the same time make it widely known that to mess with you or your tribe is a fatal undertaking. Preferably, strap a weapon to yourself. Anybody else?

  2. I’d go for a ritualistic branding/scarification of a symbol to identify tribe members.once they reach maturity.

    Good point on the garish colours, though with the grime of a PA landscape it’ll probably dull the colours a little :

    1. That would probably be safer than tattooing too since it’s not leaving an open wound or injecting anything foreign into the body.

  3. Id have my tribe in the same style robes or cloaks, with a patch sown on the back. All their other gear, they can pick what ever they are comfy in, makes more sense.

    1. The robes could be multi functional too. Use it for tents which also let people know who you are from a distance. And the conceal weapons well.

  4. How do you know how zombies and robots etc will react? Maybe bright colors will be camouflage to them? Maybe guns will serve no use agaisnt zombies and robots, cant know anything about it till it happens. Blending in could be your downfall O.O

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