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The Safety and Survival Council

One day there might be an apocalypse. The day after that, we don’t plan to be a part of the body count. You might not be either.

Here you’ll find speculative information about what to do and things to consider in case of survival.

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This blog is produced by humans and therefore is susceptible to human error from time to time. It can be embarrassing to make mistakes, so please send us a quick note if you find something and would like the site to benefit from your keen eye.

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Also, from time to time this site may link to content deemed unseemly. Sorry, it’s not our content and we don’t take any responsibility for any thing outside of this site. Even if we linked to it.

If you translate content from this site into another language, we are in no way responsible for what comes out and how it may be received in any other language but the one we thought and wrote it in. Even then, we are still just people with opinions.

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