Post apocalyptic fashion: Dr Martens.

I needed new boots. I needed new boots, badly. I’ve always been dedicated to Dr Martens, and my old pair had finally, completely died on me after 10 years of heavy wear and almost no polishing. (this might be the main reason they died) so I bit the bullet, took a lot of money from my account, and went shopping.

I found these.

The Dr Marten ‘Serena’. Nubuck, fleece lined beauties. I shoved them on my feet and went on an Apocalypse Walk right then and there to wear them in.


You might question my dedication to Dr Martens for post apocalyptic wear, and you might wonder why these ones, especially, are so good.


Let me run it down for you.


Dr Martens are best for post apocalyptic wandering because of the comfort and the quality of construction. If you care for them, they can last up to 20 years, which makes their seemingly high price tag suddenly a lot more reasonable. Even if you treat them like crap, they can last you a good long time. The air-wear sole makes them easy to walk in and supports the foot, which for the post apocalyptic world will be very necessary.


Also, they’re really, really cool.


As for the Serena, you may or may not know this, But the UK is cold and damp for nine months of the year. A fleece lining becomes absolutely necessary in those circumstances. It adds to the comfort of the boot as well, meaning it rubs less in the fairly long breaking in period for a pair of docs, which is admittedly their greatest flaw.


While they can;t replace good quality hiking boots, Docs are more versatile in their usage, and need replacement less often, so if you need a post-apocalyptic shoe choice, I’d buy some DM’s and start wearing them in now.

4 thoughts on “Post apocalyptic fashion: Dr Martens.

  1. I have always wanted a pair of these! I need some so I can do my Apocalypse walk. Great post! I approve. 🙂

  2. In my gothic days (yes, in college) all my goth friends had Doc Martens. I was poor. So I had the thrift store army boots. I always wanted a pair of these. I wanted to be cool.

    NOW, with the apocalypse looming, I will have to look into getting me a pair. Flip-flops simply will not do.

    1. Personally, I prefer the army boots because the tread is more grippy (English, Mutha Fucka! Do you speak it?) and more flexible. And I always associated the Docs with neo-Nazis…

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