Gifts for the post-apocalypse

I’m not going to comment on the sanity (or lack thereof) of the Black Friday shopping madness, and I might be a relatively new resident of the U.S., but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the holiday shopping season has begun. (Typed as I sit at my computer, switching back and forth between this document and’s Cyber Monday Deals Week page. See? Even my Canadian self isn’t immune to the post-American Thanksgiving shopping hype.)

What does Black Friday have to do with the apocalypse? That is, aside from possibly causing the world to collapse in on itself under the weight of a million rioting shoppers, thus causing the apocalypse? Nothing really, other than the fact that it had me wondering what gift-giving will be like in the post apocalypse.

I’ve seen a few of the gift-giving guides that pop up this time of year, and I thought to myself, “Hmm…there should be one of those for the post-apocalypse survivor!” I mean, at some point in time people are going to start celebrating birthdays, apocalypse survival holidays, the rise of the dictator days, etc. etc. It’s best to be prepared with a list of gift-giving possibilities, right?

Of course, most of these items come from apocalypse survival gear lists, but seriously, they make great gifts, too. Sure, the average survivor will probably have most of these already, but things wear out and break. Other things get lost. Other things will get stolen. So when your favorite people need replacement survival items…it’s gift-giving time! (Of course, I highly suggest stocking up on these items now, while we still have time.)

Now, without further ado…

The Post-Apocalyptic Gift Guide

Gifts for Adults
Let’s start with adults, because they’re probably easier to find gifts for. I’ll tackle gifts for kids later.

Survival Gear: Because it’s a good gift for any occasion

Image from Click on link to view product page.

Kevlar neck protection. Because you never know who’s going to go for your jugular. Or your aorta. Either way, it’s best to be prepared.



Protective vest. Image from Click on picture to view product page.
Protective SWAT vest. Awesome if you can get one. Of course, I doubt it’s going to fully protect you from that pack of rabid dogs, but it might give you just enough time to get away and run limping back to your survival camp, dripping blood and leaving a trail for said rabid dogs to follow. Hmm…maybe this isn’t such a good gift, after all.
Multi-tool. Image from Click on link to view product page.

Multi-tool. A great gift for anyone in the post-apocalypse (or the pre-apocalypse, come to think of it). You don’t want to be weighed down with a dozen different tools–that’ll just slow you down, making you an easy target for all those baddies.



Water purifying tablets. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Water purifying tablets. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.



Gas mask. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Dude, you’re living in the post apocalypse. Do I really need to explain this one?



Duct tape. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Duct tape. For solving most of life’s problems.


Weapons: Because you can never have enough


Crossbow. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Because crossbows are frakking cool. And they make good weapons.



Longbow. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

English-style longbow. Probably a more practical weapon choice, since you can make it yourself…if you can find the materials.



Arrow. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Wood arrow. Because what good is your longbow if you don’t have anything to shoot from it?



Airsoft rifle. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Colt M4 airsoft rifle. Just for fun. Until we moved to the U.S., my husband was a card-carrying member of the local airsoft team. And even though they use BBs, these guns still pack a punch. (And yes, I know of which I speak. I used to be one of the team’s “embedded journalists.”)


Food: Because we all need it


MRE. Image from Click on picture to view product page.

Not the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat, but hey, it’s still food. (Yep, I’ve eaten these before. See above about airsoft. There weren’t any picnics on the field during a milsim.)


Other things: Because sometimes we need a good dose of “other”


Edible plants book. Image from Click on picture to view product page. (No, you can't look inside from here.)

This would be a good gift idea for before the apocalypse. Just sayin’.



This is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list of possibilities. It’s not meant to be. It’s just supposed to get your mental gears rolling. As I said, it’s best to start stocking up on these great gift ideas BEFORE the apocalypse actually happens. Because, you know, you can still get these items now. All bets are off after the world’s already exploded.

Next week: Gift ideas for the little ones.

6 thoughts on “Gifts for the post-apocalypse

  1. HI Char,

    You hit the nail on the head with this list. I know I would definitely like any one of these gifts for Christmas, Birthday, anniversary, or what-have-you.

    I might add in a bendable fishing pole and all hooks and baits that go along with it. Being able to know how to fish could come in handy to be self-sufficient.

    I’d also really love a portable solar panel.

    And a K-Bar.

    Other than that, fantastic list!

  2. @Morgan I had thought about adding a KA-BAR knife or machete, but I didn’t want to make the list *too* long. But yes, a KA-BAR for sure!

    I hadn’t thought about a portable solar panel, but that would definitely be useful.

  3. This year my mother bought my father a portable bone saw. Not because my father is a serial killer in need of a bone saw (as far as I know), but because he is a hunter and it’s easier to move a giant elk if you can chop it up. Personally, I think this makes an excellent post-apocalyptic holiday gift.

  4. I’d say a good gift for a lady would be a Diva Cup or similar hygiene items.

    Also, if you have a first aid guide handy that you don’t need.

    And a paracord bracelet!

  5. I like the duct tape mention. I’ve survived middle school with 3 rolls of camouflage duct tape, some plastic fencing,a folder, and some velcro. I go to school with 600 zombies, so it’s handy to be prepared. Gym class can get really scary with zombies, so it’s nice to meet someone as paranoid as me!

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