Apocalyptic Shoe Fetish: Hot Topic

Recently I’ve been feeling some shoe lust. I want all the shoes all the time, especially if they’re boots that could be perfect for the apocalypse. Then I got the Hot Topic e-news (I can’t hear you laughing at me over the sound of my husband laughing at me) and it was filled with boots and studded heels of every make and model. Squee!

First, a flat, practical boot is always a good idea.

I love the height on these, they’re perfect for maybe wearing some soccer shin guards under[1. Note to self: wearing shin guards post-apocalypse might be  a good idea] or hiding a blade.

 Second, the favorite of movie starlets everywhere: heavily stylized heels.

And finally, if my dream of a Tina Turner inspired Mad Max-esque apocalypse every happens, I’ll need these wonderful shoes, heels, and boots.

That’s all for now. I’ll be in the corner having a shoegasm.



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