Zombie Dash (Android)

I didn’t have much hope when I downloaded Zombie Dash by Italy Games. It’s hard to find a good app game that isn’t just like some other app game. There’s only so much you can do on a touch screen and with the short attention span mobile games require.

Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised with the high-speed, side-scroller.

From the official summary:

When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there’s only one thing left to do – cut down wave after wave of zombies in this endless shooting adventure! Hear the sweet screams of the zombies as you strafe them with submachine gun fire or explode them with special weapon pickups.

There isn’t any lead up to the start or a slew of menus or options. You literally (in the game) press play and hit the ground running.

In Zombie Dash there are two buttons are available: Jump on the left and shoot on the right.

It’s so simple it’s genius.

What I Like:

· The game is easy. There’s no time to spend learning the weird mechanics or special prize getting requirements or weird money-grubbing schemes being thrust at the player.

· She’s pretty and cute. A game being free or an app is no excuse for it to be ugly and Zombie Dash gets that. Not only is it well presented graphically but it’s really cute too, rocking a Chibi style.

· I have pretty clear goals. Every time I play, I want to surpass my previous number of kills and (what I think is) my number of miles.

What I Don’t Like:

· I don’t actually want most of the power-ups. There are gun upgrades you can get from the question blocks which are clearly better than the gun you had. But the change is jarring to me and I would rather just stick with the shotty.

· It’s going to take me a million years to upgrade my standard issue starting gun using only points.

Final Impression:

I like it a lot. I enjoy it more than most app games and it’s the quintessence of app games. Simple starting and playing with a clean (so far) glitch-free interface tie together to make the perfect quick pastime.

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