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Hawken: Genesis (Archaia)answers the question “What’s my motivation?” for payers of Hawken the game.

Hawken by Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment is part Total Recall, in that it’s set in a ruined dystopian planet; part my desperate hopes for what Pacific Rim will be, a ridiculous mecha battle royal; and part Gundam where everyone is fighting for or against a team but no one is really right.

But then Hawken: Genesis adds in a heaping helping of Top Gun.

It sounds like chaos on the surface but it’s actually a brilliant premise.

Everyone fled Earth for a brighter future on Illal but their hopes overwhelmed the new planet, destroying it faster than they destroyed Earth. Unfortunately for the poor planet, devastation isn’t enough and they’ve found one more resource to pry from the corps of their new home.

Already in the midst of an inter-corporation world war the citizens now have reason to stay and fight too. Not for honor or freedom but for their own slice of the pie. That is why they came after all.

From the jump, “the Hawken” is mentioned in a laundry list of terrible things that shouldn’t have happened, terrible things that ruined a once optimistic planet. I’m not clear what it is though… But I am curious.

I’m always drawn to a good premise, a well thought out backstory make most things that much more wonderful for me. And when I read the Hawken: Genesis issues put out by Archaia Black Label for the franchise, I was blown away.

Francisco Ruiz Velasco‘s artwork is beyond beautiful. It perfectly marries science fiction, art, and intrigue. I want him to paint my dreams. I understand that Illal is a savaged husk of a planet but as depicted by Francisco Ruiz Velasco in Hawken: Genesis, I want to go to there.


Issue #1 of Hawken: Genesis doesn’t introduce you to any characters, which I found a bit off putting. Had it been a pay series, I’d likely have dropped it regardless of its beauty. Though since it is in fact free I’m glad I stuck around for issue #2 because that where all the action gets underway.

2013-01-09-10.23.20.pngIn issue #2 our protagonists (at least I think they’re our protagonists) are on a time-and-a-half-pay mission to escort rocks when they’re ambushed by what I can only describe and a pirate in a mecha…

Then a lot of stuff happens and I was a bit too confused to relay it all but I did find it badass and awesome if confusing. I had to reread it to really understand who was doing what to who and why. It’s only nine pages so whatever.

Final Say on Hawken: Genesis:


I strongly suggest checking out Hawken: Genesis for a quick, BEAUTIFUL, action-packed read. Also it’s free just like Hawken the game!

Hawken: Genesis is (currently) written by Jeremy Barlow, Khang Le, and Dan Jevons with art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Bagus Hutomo and retails for free on comiXology.

Check out Hawken the game at

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