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First of all, sorry for being absent as of late. I just didn’t have anything to say and so I didn’t say anything.  But I have been busy. Not buying a house like Char or getting good grades like Ann. Mostly I’ve been playing video games and reading comic books and I got a new phone (almost immediately after, my work phone died).

While its always important to plan for the worst the current situation can’t. Come second. Sometimes that means making steak for dinner instead of hardtack. Or just going for a drive because its nice out. However you can keep in the back of your mind all the lessons you’re. Learning while doing these things.

What I’ve learned from the pre-apocalyptic world:

What I’ve been watching

Marvel’s Avengers – duh.
I’ve actually been straight fangirling for Avengers since they announced it. I might have plans to see it again with my dad this weekend because he doesn’t have anyone to go with and I love him (and I loved Avengers).
1. In Marvel’s The Avengers Earth is being attacked by aliens and a super-powered brat. The only way to stop it? Teamwork!

2. It’s okay to have fun when the cards are down. If you’re on your way out (as far as you know) you should take the opportunity to enjoy it.

3. You can go big or go home, but don’t think nonlinear one will notice either way. You take a stand and make a statement your audience is often bigger than you anticipated.

I’m forever watching fringe. If you dint know, it’s a acidity show on FOX. And it’s amazing. Remember The Steward of Gondor? He’s Walter bishop – twice! Because there are alternate universes and he’s important in the two (three?) we’ve seen.
1. People want to forgive you. Maybe more than they want to write you off. But turning your back on someone is easier than taking another chance.

2. Saving the world at the expense of another world is shitty but it’s still saving the world.

3. Maybe you don’t like it here because you don’t belong here.

What I’ve been playing

The Walking Dead (XBox 360)
Telltale Games had a lot to live up to with this title. The comics, the show, and the hype. Are people still looking for zombies or are we on the tale end of the trend? Which source material should they stay true to if any? Well, they figured it out. The game is great.the episodic thing works but also feels a bit short. The feeling of shortness is not a feeling on incompleteness. Every episode is definitely as self contained as it should be and wraps up the way an episode should. One episode can be played in an evening with enough time for you to still want more. Maybe if you get the season pass and play right through until your internal clock tells you to stop, you’ll love it even more.

1. Making decisions quickly can mean making the wrong decisions.

2. I immediately regret saving children but keep doing it.

3. Comic styling is not bad graphics. I kept hearing about the bad graphics in this game only to find that I loved the look and feel of this game because it used a similar style to comic book art.

AMY (XBox 360)
I played the demo and HATED it. It was weird and boring and clunky and I didn’t want to find the little girl because she probably got eaten or turned and I already didn’t give a shit about her and she was drawing pictures of her nightmare on the train so she’s a little off-putting as it is. Before the demo was over, I gave up.


1. I shouldn’t have to hole the trigger to attack, that’s dumb. If something is attacking me and I’m hitting “A,” I promise I’m not trying to inspect it.

2. The last things I want to do during a life an dead zombie situation is babysit, talk to asshole who won’t shut the fuck up, and search for people. This was the bulk of the game. In real life, your kid is your problem, I’ll pull a Shane and

3. I love that demos exist. we won’t have this in the apocalyptic wasteland, but for now, bask in the opportunity to try things and decide if you like them. Shorten your lists by cutting out maybes. Maybe you want to read that book, you can read the first chapter or so on you Kindle. Maybe this game is good, try it out. Committing resources to a thing only to be disappointed will suck and might end up with you losing an arm or a party member or a day of traveling.

What I’ve been reading

Free Comic Book Day Comics[2. I got so many comics, the stores around me were generous like that.]:

World of Aspen (ASPEN MLT INC)
This book was not awesome at all. It opened with an recap of the comic Homecoming. I don’t know if homecoming is actually boring as shit or if it was because it was a recap that felt like a 3rd grader’s what I did on my summer vacation essay. There was a lot of telling and very little showing. The best part of comics is all the showing, the in-the-thick-of-it action. Here we have, “A monster came, and it was scary. Luckily that girl from space fought it off. It was intense, but we were revealed to survive it.[1. not direct quotes, but what it directly felt like.]” Yeah? I didn’t pick up on any of that intensity or excitement or relief.

Witchblade Unbalanced Pieces (IMAGE COMICS)
This book was also done in past tense, recap style, but it was done better. It was done so well that even though I’m now caught up on the story to #155, I wish I wasn’t I want to get in at #1 and follow this story from “go.” There are other universe and supernatural things, and witches in biker gangs and it all seemed very interesting and awesome. Also, the voice of the character came through in this recap in a way that made me want to hear more from her.

Not Free Comics:
Fanboys vs. Zombies – #1 (BOOM!)
So, Fanboys vs. Zombies wasn’t free, and it also wasn’t good. It was a dollar and I felt I got a dollar’s worth of entertainment out of it but just a dollar. No way would I spend $3.99 on issue #2. It was generally fan service with a little bit of story and really tropey characters. It was light and silly but not compelling.

Unfortunately, the most recent comic to catch my eye and make me want was Higher Earth, also by Sam Humphries, the writer of Fanboys vs. Zombies. Eh, what’s another dollar? Maybe, at worst, it’ll be another issue #1 I didn’t love but was still entertained by.


1. Bad-ass chick are still awesome no matter now impracticaly they dress or act.

2. Just because you’re a fan of something doesn’t mean you’ll appreciate fan service.

3. Starting at the beginning feels better and is generally more fun and engaging (for me) than being caught up to the middle.

What have you all been up to in the real world?

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  1. What have I been doing in the real world? Uhhhh… sitting around waiting for your angry/nice tweets! That’s pretty obvious since I’m all the way out here in the far corner of the Internet reading about you and your life. Duh.

    Come back when you can… you’re missed.

    ~Dave of the Madore Brothers

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