This week in the real world, part 2

So you may have noticed that my post today is late. By a lot. There’s a reason for that: we got possession of our new house today. Now personally, I think that’s an okay reason to get a post up late.

I was up late last night packing up the rental apartment (and not getting anywhere near done). Today we were packing up the rest of our crap, moving crap from one place to another, and waiting for the Internet guy to set everything up.

Because when you move into your new house, the first thing you need to do is set up your Internet. Obviously.

Admittedly, I haven’t thought much about the apocalypse this past week. But also admittedly, this whole move has had a slightly apocalyptic feel to it. Probably because it just never seems to end. You know, kinda like what the apocalypse would feel like, if it were happening right now.

On the other hand, if the apocalypse were happening right now, I’d have other things to worry about.

Anyway. Now that I’ve got a house and all my stuff is (hopefully) coming this week, I’ll be getting back to my apocalyptic thoughts.

After I unpack, that is.

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