5 Reasons Earth Might be Invaded by Aliens

One of the many possible types of possible apocalypses is the vague and terrifying Invasion by Aliens.

Aliens might invade Earth for a number of reasons. These reasons might be tactical, commercial, political, evolutionary, or simply expansionary.

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  1. Earth as a tactical resource. If aliens are fighting amongst themselves way over on the other side of the universe, we’d never know. Unfortunately, if one of those warring alien parties decides to regroup far from the action they might choose unassuming little Earth as their rally point. This modest galaxy could have everything they need from minions (humans) to free resources.
  2. Earth as a commercial property. Humans mightn’t be the only civilization willing to overuse and over populate the land they inhabit then move one to the next best thing. We study the universe looking for an alternate home and hope no one beats us to the punch. Be it an enterprising entrepreneur or a desperate government, Earth might be some civilization’s last hope for a home away from home.
  3. Earth as a political empire. Politics is about telling people what they want to hear and then saying you did your best when you fail to deliver or meet expectations.
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    The easiest way to achieve success with political double-speak is to tart by not even speaking the same language as your audience. Benevolent aliens will come to Earth baring gifts or freeing us from the clutches of some small-scale invaders – next thing we know, Earth will be the North Korea of the Universe.

  4. Earth as a vehicle for another species’ evolution. Curiosity is the backbone of progress. Scientific curiosity is the backbone of swift progress – Unless, of course, that curiosity is stifled by governments, committees, and religious organizations.
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      We can’t rely on aliens having the same bureaucratic and censorial approach to progress. Earth could be the perfect place to exercise some healthy alien curiosity.

  5. Earth is in the way. Eminent domain isn’t a hard concept to invent. Aliens, if uninhibited by bureaucracy, committees, and religion, would grow their society very large very quickly. Maybe the aliens would need to “make way for a hyperspace bypass” or install a fueling station on the way to somewhere more interesting. Earth and its insignificant little inhabitants might just be in someone’s way to something better.
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