Your period post apocalypse.

OK, male readers. If you are squeamish about period talk, you may not want to read this one. But as a survival blog with female writers and a slant where we look at the stuff people don’t think about, you knew this was coming.

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Women have periods. It’s a fact. There are things that can stop a woman having her period (being very underweight or overweight, pregnancy, certain medications, certain medical conditions, menopause) but, in general, if you are a female human between about 13 and 50 you are bleeding from your vagina every month.

And I’m not going to go into detail about why this is happening, as if you had decent sex education in school/google, you should know.

The important thing is how to deal with the when the end times come. When Ibuprofen, hot water bottles and massive amounts of snacks are not going to be available.

Yeah, that made you shudder a bit, didn’t it.

The thing is, women have been coping with this for centuries, so we are just going to have to adjust.

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However, I will be including some tips that could help.

For the Mess:

Tampons and disposable pads won’t be widely available after the end- and it’ll be hard to dispose of them safely, on top of that. With that in mind, I suggest you invest in some alternatives now. People often feel a bit squeamish about these alternatives, but I suggest you get over that well before the end times.

For internal care, in place of tampons, you can use the mooncup/divacup, a silicone (and therefore hypoallergenic) cup that fits snugly inside the vagina. It carries about a day or nights worth of blood, and can be emptied and washed out with ease. For hygeine purposes, boil it with soap and salt when your period has finished. It also lasts for up to 20 years of use, so is well worth getting- I use the mooncup, and find it much better than tampons.

If that isn’t your thing, you can also use menstrual sponges. Usually made either from natural sponge or silicone, these act exactly like a tampon, except they are washable and reusable.

If you don’t like using internal protection, your only real option is washable pads- you can buy ones with funky designs on etsy, or just make your own. Or, as our ancestors did, old rags sewn together and then buried once you’re done.

For the Pain

I swallow painkillers like they’re sweets at this time of the month. I have severely painful cramps, headaches and backaches, and honestly I find it hard to concentrate or function without painkillers. But while I am planning to stock up on these thing pretty early on, eventually I will run out. So what’s my option?



There are natural products with pain-relieving properties, the most well-known being willow bark, the plant where Aspirin was originally derived from. Willow bark can be made into a foul tasting tea which can help with all sorts of minor pains.

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Raspberry leaf tea seems to have a calming effect on womens pains, and can also be used to encourage a more healthy and comfortable labour in the last months of pregnancy.

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Valerian reduces pain and encourages restful sleep.

So, there we have it. A way to make the most miserable week of my month slightly more bearable when the end times hit.

8 thoughts on “Your period post apocalypse.

  1. I saw a bunch of stuff with the cups, do they sell those at kroger? im definitaly getting some of those

    1. I’m not sure. I’ve never seen a Kroger… I think they tend to sell them at earthy crunchy stores and online. But since it’s such a niche market they’re usually very willing to answer questions.

  2. Um, how are you planning on washing these thoroughly when there’s no hot water or soap to be found? Bad plan.

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