Book thoughts: The Sunshine Series by Nikki Rae

The Sunshine Series
Author: Nikki Rae
Publisher: Nikki Rae
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire

This is a bit of an unorthodox review from me, since I’m reviewing all the three books of a trilogy together. I did this to make it easier though, so I could post the review all at once. (And because I didn’t want to make the author wait even longer, since she’s waited a hell of a long time already. My sincere apologies, Nikki.)

Be warned! This review might be a bit longer than usual.

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Supernatural Apocalypse

We cover all sorts of apocalypses here at In Case of Survival.

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We aren’t ones to shy away from the unusual, the strange, the just plain weird.

And it’s always struck me as just plain odd that the most commonly talked about and prepared for apocalypse is Zombies, which- no matter how various books try to science it up- has it’s roots in an undeniably supernatural origin.

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So Zombies are fine, (probably because they’ve got huge pop-culture capital right now) but ask any of these same people about other supernatural apocalypses- werewolves, vampires, hell, even ghosts- and they would scoff and called you a ‘fucking fucktard fuck’ because this is the internet.

But if Zombies are possible with a little pseudo-science massage, why not the others?

And what the hell do we do to survive when the cause of the apocalypse is dead and can walk through walls?

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