Supernatural Apocalypse

We cover all sorts of apocalypses here at In Case of Survival.

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We aren’t ones to shy away from the unusual, the strange, the just plain weird.

And it’s always struck me as just plain odd that the most commonly talked about and prepared for apocalypse is Zombies, which- no matter how various books try to science it up- has it’s roots in an undeniably supernatural origin.

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So Zombies are fine, (probably because they’ve got huge pop-culture capital right now) but ask any of these same people about other supernatural apocalypses- werewolves, vampires, hell, even ghosts- and they would scoff and called you a ‘fucking fucktard fuck’ because this is the internet.

But if Zombies are possible with a little pseudo-science massage, why not the others?

And what the hell do we do to survive when the cause of the apocalypse is dead and can walk through walls?


I’ve done a bit of thinking about this. If vampirism was a blood-borne disease, say, and that even only 1 in 10 of bitees were killed and only 1 in 1000 were turned into vampires, that would still mean a vampire population that completely overtook humanity in quite a short space of time. Assuming each vampire needs to feed at least once every night- see where I’m going, right? That’s 365 bitees a year for each vampire, approx 36 of whom die.

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After 3 years, they’ve turned 1 person, which sounds manageable, but remember that vampires are theoretically immortal, and that new vampire will also be following those numbers.  As they turn more and more, the pressure on humanity as a food source increases. (I am basing my numbers here off horror films. They probably won’t be accurate)

If vampirism was a blood disease released into the human population as a plague, it would start slow and then snowball before we were even aware of it. Bam. Apocalypse.

As to how to survive this one- well, again assuming horror films haven’t lied to me, you’re going to need to train with stakes, religious symbols and garlic. Make sure anything you kill is beheaded, staked through the heart, the pieces burned and the ashes scattered as wide as possible, just to be sure. (honestly, if something doesn’t die after all that, you’re in serious trouble). Ensure your compound has plenty of garlic plants around the place, that windows aren’t left open. Check your group for bites every day.


Similar to vampires, but they kill more (albeit only around the full moon) and turn less. Still, enough werewolves could decimate a reasonably sized population.

Surviving this one would be similar to surviving vampires, only with the added caveat to not leave the safe zones during full moon AT ALL. EVER.

Ghosts are an interesting and tricky one that’s going to need more thought. Come back next Tuesday, when I will be discussing it, along with the concept of post-apocalypse hauntings.

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4 thoughts on “Supernatural Apocalypse

  1. All good points, but you have two things as an addendum to these thoughts. First there are those who are half-born vampires who would come from a union of vampire and normal. We could harvest the genes in these people to “force evolution”.

    Lycanthropes were broken down to two groups, one that is cursed (every full moon) and full blood (change at will). This makes staying in at the full moon almost pointless, as much as I hate to say this.

    At least they aren’t Wolfweres.

  2. I don’t think Vampires can have babies. They’re dead. They don’t have live sperm to fertilize eggs. Even if they did, they’re likely toxic on a cellular level from so much time spent feeding on like DNA and not adhering to proper life cycles.)

    Now, if you’re speaking in a blood-disease sense, half-vampire to me would be a carrier without symptoms or with only mild but manageable symptoms.

    On the other hand, interbreeding with Werewolves might be a good move. They’ve stronger, faster, and don’t see us as food. Domestication is the key. Seeing them as people with conditions that can (or can’t) be treated rather than beasts lurking in people costumes will be vital to getting them on board with Operation Do a Wolf.

  3. First off, like the new look 🙂

    I think that, depending on what kind of vampires you’re thinking about, there wouldn’t really be an ‘apocalypse’ per say. I’d imagine that the vampire cabal have a hand in numerous things to protect their food source and limit their recruitment. It could be going on right now and we wouldn’t notice.

    For ghost apocalypses, a good novel for that is Living With Ghosts by Kari Sperring. It basically shows the malevolant dead rising up to attack a city, and it gets pretty hairy.

  4. hey, there’s actually a pretty decent movie about a vampire apocalypse, called Daybreakers. well, more or less – it’s a pretty calm apocalypse until the entire planet starts running out of blood (hi there, anvilicious metaphoric moral!) at which point wacky and dismaying antics ensue.
    it’s got ethan hawke and willem dafoe. i’m kind of a poster child for hating on recent movies, but i was really pleasantly surprised by it.

    wasn’t the original ghostbusters sort of to do with a spirit apocalypse? or does the whole freaky Sumerian cult aspect of things kind of cancel that out?

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