Killing Zombies: What they don't tell you

The likelihood of zombies rising up and trying to eat your face isn’t the point. What is the point is that if zombies do rise up you need to be prepared to kill them or you’ll get eaten.

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Learning to Live With Small Inconveniences Now Will Pay Off Big in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Husband and I both had buffalo chicken for dinner. His was boneless, mine had bones. He sees no point in chicken with bones.

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I’m not totally sure why I like it. However, I do know that come world’s end, no one will be de-boning your chicken for you. You’ll need to get on board with tearing flesh from bone like a predator or get hip to eating grass and the like.

Chicken and other meats having bones is one of many little inconveniences you’ll have to deal with. Thing is, where the fuck do you find chickens? In addition, if you currently know where to find a chicken, I’m sure they’re not smart enough to save themselves. You’ll either have to save the chicken or go back and hope it’s still there. They’re not like dogs, they won’t wait for you.

However, if you’re smart, and you find a chicken, you’ll be smart enough not to slaughter it immediately. Chickens make eggs[1. Don’t worry about chicken eggs being filled with chickens. Chickens only make chickens if they’re exposed to male chickens (roosters or cocks, depending on where you’re from). Otherwise, they’re just eggs that can be stolen and eaten]. Eggs are food. You can have a dozen eggs a month or one chicken for one day. Small inconvenience, big pay off. Also, a lot of people are particular about eggs. The smell, the texture.. Personally, I love eggs. Get over it or eat grass.

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How Do You Know If Your Friend Is Going To Turn Zombie?

Usually a zombie is clearly a zombie. But sometimes you’re not sure if it’s paranoia cocking your gun and pointing it at your friend’s head or logical detachment.

He has a wound and it’s bloody. No one, not even him or the zombie whose attack he just survived can be sure he hasn’t been exposed. How do you know he won’t turn? What if he’s the one zombie who turns and still walks and talks normally while picking individuals in the group off one by one when no one is looking? Some kind of serial killer predator zombie…

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