I'd like my microchip now, please.

Mind control microchips are a fun thing to fear and speculate on. Well, for me. I’m kind of a scatterbrained-forgets-a-lot. I often mean to do things then hours (or seconds) pass and the thing is not only not done but also an annoying ghost of a memory. I lose all the scraps of paper I make notes on; I set reminders on my phone a leave it in another room; and, I have a dozen half finished projects I don’t know how to keep track of. I need a microchip. In my brain. Continue reading “I'd like my microchip now, please.”

Edible microchip: good for your health?

So last Wednesday, on January 18, there was this little online movement to protest SOPA. Maybe you heard of it? (Students everywhere may have lost their minds temporarily, since English Wikipedia was one of the protesting sites and went dark for an entire day. Hell, forget the students, *I* went slightly nuts that day, since most of my daily go-to sites had gone dark. Like ICoS.)

Ahem. Anyway. When discussing the SOPA blackout, Tavia and I also briefly discussed how something like SOPA could spiral toward censorship very easily.

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(It was brief because of this pesky thing called work. So annoying, that.)

But this post? Is not about censorship. (Well, not specifially, anyway.) (Haha, made you look!)

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