Edible microchip: good for your health?

So last Wednesday, on January 18, there was this little online movement to protest SOPA. Maybe you heard of it? (Students everywhere may have lost their minds temporarily, since English Wikipedia was one of the protesting sites and went dark for an entire day. Hell, forget the students, *I* went slightly nuts that day, since most of my daily go-to sites had gone dark. Like ICoS.)

Ahem. Anyway. When discussing the SOPA blackout, Tavia and I also briefly discussed how something like SOPA could spiral toward censorship very easily.

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(It was brief because of this pesky thing called work. So annoying, that.)

But this post? Is not about censorship. (Well, not specifially, anyway.) (Haha, made you look!)

Once all the sites were back up on Thursday, I came across this link to an article on natural/holistic health website Natural News. According to the article, UK-based pharmacy and health care provider Lloyds pharmacy is set to introduce an edible, drug-tracking microchip to its clients by the end of this year.

Yes, it’s a microchip. Yes, it tracks your daily medication intake.

And yes, you’re supposed to eat it. (Yum.)

Natural News states that this will lead to people abusing the technology, which will lead to “totalitarian government drug mandates.” Because, you know, they can track you with their beady little eyes. (The government, not the website.)

On the one hand, I think, “Really? That’s a little over the top, don’t you think?” But on the other hand, I think, “Yeah, that’s probably going to happen.” After all, people have the tendency to take things a little too far, especially when they’re in large groups. Something to do with all that groupthink floating around. (Need an example? How about the teenage vampire craze? Or Justin Bieber fans?)

Granted, I’m generally wary of the idea of having microchips inside me, but that’s because I’m scared it’s going to eat me and turn me into a Replicator.

Lloyds pharmacy’s microchip is apparently not the first that was going to be available to consumers. Natural News had reported in November 2010 that Novartis AG was going to release a similar microchip. Of course, in that particular article, they said that “pharmaceuticals damage cognitive function” and that you shouldn’t “bet your life…on Big Pharma’s pills.”

I am not even touching those comments.

(But they also wrote about potentially killer RFID chips. Which is actually kind of interesting, in a dystopian sort of way.)

Anyway. My point with all this was not to bring attention to a holistic health news site. Unless, of course, you’re into holistic health and would like to read up on what’s happening in that neck of the woods. In which case, you’re welcome.

My point is, does this new microchip that’s supposed to be released to the public soon (no idea if it actually will be, though) mark a step toward a dystopian future, where Sauron the government always has its giant–and totally creepy–cat-like eye on you? And if it is, how do you envision the actual moment of the apocalypse?

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(I see it as a slow shift toward a global totalitarian state. Which may or may not make the current Chinese regime happy.

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Am I allowed to say that?)

Let’s discuss this. Post your thoughts in the comments!

In the meantime, I’m going to keep an eye out for those Replicators.

Original article links (as in, where Natural News got their info):



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