Suicide Guy [Game] by Chubby Pixel [Playtime]

Thank you to Chubby Pixel for giving me a Steam code to try their game, Suicide Guy!

Please note:

  • I’ve never claimed to be good at games; I just love them.
  • I’m still trying to figure out this who game recording business, bear with me (PLEASE?!)
  • You might want to watch this with the speed turned up… I spend a lot of time trying to stack a box.

  • Suicide is serious and if you are struggling, please seek help.


  • 1-800-273-8255
Find out more on: Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide Guy actually came out in 2015 but I’d never heard of it. Not even an outraged article about America’s delicate youth.

On the bright side, the suicide that is glorified in Suicide Guy is all for good. Our main character is on a desperate quest to die in his dream so he can get back to reality to save his beer.

I figured that out after watching the sweet oaf fall asleep on his couch with color coordinated stains strewn across his chest as his breath sweeps in and out peacefully. The TV chatters in the background about the world that is someone else’s problem

As is the magic of blissful sleep, we’re transported to somewhere new. On a rooftop with our trusty red radio and a few odds and ends here and there, we wonder what’s next.

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There is neither instructions nor exposition just, as in any dream, instincts.

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After a while of putzing around my instincts drove me to swan dive from the rooftop to the city street below.

Startled awake, our ordinary, life-loving guy is back in his living room. Safe and sound in the comfort and safety of his home, he’s pulled back into the Land of Nod.

In a retro burger joint, we notice a TV broadcasting, not the idle chatter of entertainment but the jolting reality that is the saga of our beloved beer. As our protagonist fell asleep, his beer began to fall from his hand.

Dear God, this is a disaster and the only person who could possibly help is stuck in this cursed dreamscape. There’s only one way out. Our beloved Ordinary Man must become Suicide Guy.

One situation turns into another setting and then the cycle continues, every time the sweet release of death bringing us closer to doing what only we can do. But each time, the puzzle that is Escape gets more and more difficult.

Why is it so hard to fling you space ship into the sun or trigger an ancient booby trap?!

Suicide Guy is  available for Steam and is coming soon to Xbox One and PS4 (TBA 2017)

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