Sensible rules for Post Apocalyptic communities

Since the dawn of time, communities have needed rules to live by. You’d think it would be as easy as saying ‘don’t be a dick’ , but it turns out it’s not and you have to spell out exactly what you mean by that.

Now the problem I’ve seen with most existing community rules is that everyone and their mother feels like they can interpret it to suit them while ignoring the intent. So as a simple basis, I’m going to say when writing your community rules make them simple and understandable. Tell your community why these rules exist, and point out that as things change some of them may not stay relevant.

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I’m going to include my rules here.

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Now these are just a template, feel free to adjust and change them as you see fit.

1: Don’t kill anyone in your own survival group. Don’t kill anyone in friendly survivor groups. Try not to kill anyone in enemy groups unless you really have to.

2: Don’t rape anyone. Rape here is defined as ‘sexual contact without permission or consent’. Really, don’t.

3: Don’t steal from anyone.

4: Don’t be selfish with your food. Share it with the survival group. We all need to survive here, and if one person is being greedy and selfish, it makes it harder.

5: Have some babies. Keep track of which ones are your babies.

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We really need babies, and we need to keep track so people don’t have babies with their half brother.

6: If you prefer people of the same gender to yourself, that’s great. But I’m serious about the babies. If you can stomach the idea, please close your eyes, grit your teeth and have some.

7: Do your bit in terms of farming, scavenging, guarding and fighting. Everyone pulls their weight.

8: You’re allowed your opinion, but arguing with the leader is best done in times of non-emergency. Don’t let ego get in the way of survival.

9: Maintain friendly links with other survivor groups. Trade knowledge and food with them. If they’re up for it, interbreed with them.

10: No incest.

11: Take care of those who can’t do it for themselves anymore.


13: Treat people fairly. All people.

14: Adjust these rules according to circumstance. Except for the no killing, no rape and no fucking up ones. Those are pretty important.

As you can see, it’s a combination of rules for every day living and rules for the future.

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Anything I’ve missed?

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