Practice your survival skills with a Zombie Obstacle course.

Do you live in or near Baltimore? Are you worried about your survival rate in a zombie apocalypse?

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Run forYour Life could be the thing for you.

Run For Your Lives is a 5km ‘zombie obstacle course’.  Runners will navigate a series of 12 obstacles throughout a 5K course in an attempt to reach the finish line — all while avoiding zombies.

This really has it’s benefits for the part of our readership that is concerned with Zombies- you get to see, in a semi-real environment how likely you are to survive.

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If you can’t complete the course without being caught by zombies, you know you need more work and more practice.

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An added advantage is that after the course, there’s food and booze, which is more than you’ll get in the real zombie apocalypse.

This is yet another real-life (potentially nerdy) pursuit that could save your life, so if you can get to Baltimore, do. It starts October 22nd, so you have plenty of time to get yourself zombie fit-  and to buy me a plane ticket.

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