Quick Survival Tip: Untie Your Shoes When You Take Them Off

Rarely are we in a sincere hurry to remove our shoes, but often shoes can be a very necessary hurdle when trying to get somewhere quickly.

I’ve spend way too many minutes psyching myself up for a workout only to deflated by sitting down and untying the double knots still in my laces. Once I’m on the couch working on those knots I’ll often see something or take a deep breath and all that hard work of getting myself into the mindset of getting up and going is seeping away; all because of a bow.

If your home is on fire of you’re finding yourself running for your life for any reason, you’ll want to  have quick access to your footwear. It’s easy to remove shoes while stile tied and probably looks nicer if they’re stored in the open, but you will waste precious time where it’s most important if you do not untie your shoes when you take them off.

And remember: if you’re concerned about tripping or the shoes staying on, just remember you haven’t tied them and make an effort to not fall out of them or over your laces. Just like you remember to chew your food and tap your breaks when the situation calls for it.

One thought on “Quick Survival Tip: Untie Your Shoes When You Take Them Off

  1. Late to the party but what kind of shoes are we talking about? Sneakers and similar footwear are super easy to slide on while tied. I can put on my tied sneakers in under 5 seconds and even my boots are sort of loosely half tied so that they can be slipped on quickly but I don’t run the risk of tripping.

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