Post-Apocalyptic Eating

So, today I’ve been eating only non-perishables and drinking water. I’m planing to grab a Powerade, depending on the expiration date. If the date is March 9th 2012 or later it’s mine.

I’m trying to see what it’d be like to only eat food that would still be good a year into the post-apocalyptic world.

I can’t churn butter and I don’t have a chicken or a cow, so dairy is out. I don’t even understand how to make bread with modern electronic tools so that’s not happening.

There were free baked goods everywhere in the office today but I didn’t have any. Bagels would have been a wrap in the first 2 weeks, much less a year later.

I like to think of this as a reverse Old Sturbridge Village experience. Instead of thinking of how our ancestors lived, I’m trying to think of what like might be like in the future.

For breakfast I had water. By the time I got to work, carried there on the train and subway not on foot, I was hungry again. So, at mid morning I had a granola bar.

I was shocked to find that granola bars don’t keep you full for very long.  By 1pm I needed protein. Protein comes in non-perishable canned food.

Unfortunately, in the future, there’s no microwaving. And, in the present, at work, there’s no lighting a fire to heat up a can. (Is that even safe? would I get chemical’s in the food like with Styrofoam?) Not for the first time, I ate my mini ravioli straight out of the can with a plastic fork. For some reason I chose to eat another granola bar with my water and canned ravioli.

Servings and their sizes probably wouldn’t be as abundant in the actual post-apocalyptic world. But I’m more interested in quality of content not dead on accuracy.

I think I’ll have a fruit cup for dinner and another granola bar. Maybe some black tea. Does sugar go bad?


1. Maybe if you’re just glad to have some food, you won’t be bothered about what it is.

2. Granola is yummy.



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5 thoughts on “Post-Apocalyptic Eating

  1. Ramen Noodles are good too. As long as the packet doesn’t burst they’re so full of preservatives they’ll keep going for years. Mine all have a use-by of 2014.

  2. Supermoons, earthquakes, sunspots, 2012 global destruction and solar flares happening any minute now… OK, WHO UPSET THE PLANETS? LOL!

  3. Tinned corned beef.

    The supermarket I used to work at had a big chiller room with a load of big tins of food in. Corned beef etc will last for years, and it doesn’t *need* to be chilled.

    1. I love corned beef in the can with some ketchup and toast!

      I think I need to have a post-apocalypse them party where everyone brings a can and it’s like a potluck!

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