Post-Apocalypse reading-Impressions: JailBreak by Harry Shannon and Steven W Booth

Jailbreak is a free short story available from Smashwords.

Jailbreak is a gory, profanity filled account of the zombie apocalypse. It’s a realtively simple story- Zombies are assaulting a small American town, and the Sherriff and her men are isolated along with some violent prisoners. Jailbreak tells this story excellently. The prose is perfect for the work- short and choppy and prosaic. There are no flights of fancy or beautifully ornate phrasing, but I wasn’t expecting any, and that sort of prose would actually detract from the matter-of-fact description.


Characters are well-written, distinctive and believable- and may I mention how nice it was to have a female main character who was tough as nails without being¬† a ‘bitch’? We are taught a great deal about them in a very short space of time. The piece is well set up, with background and story being revealed at a perfect pace, with no info-dumping or rushing. In fact, it sometimes read like I was watching a good zombie film, if that makes sense.

Nothing is perfect, however, and Jailbreak is let down by occasionally clumsy phrasing and a relatively formulaic ending. Despite those (minor) niggles, I found it an excellent read.


My score? 4.5  out of 5.


Jailbreak is by Harry Shannon and Steven W Booth.

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