5 thoughts on “Being alone: a post-apocalyptic risk.

  1. Spoken like a true 21st-century city ant. God, I’ll be so GLAD when all of you “social animals” are gone. No more noise, no more flashing-bleeping “technology”, a whole planet to roam at will, and enough arrows to make it MINE!

    1. It’s astonishing how many people say that. Most of them will end up being the people talking to models they made out of rusty cans and cutting the faces off anyone unlucky enough to run across them.

      It’s a sad decline.

  2. I think if I was alone, I’d start to doubt the realness of the apocalypse and think I might be delusional.

    Picturing myself alone I don’t see me whittling or painting or studiously doing anything productive or enlightening… I’d be playing dress up and dancing alone like a lunatic. I’d probably eat bark out of cursorily and pretend to be sneaky… I’d be dead in a week or a fantastically insane old woman in a tree house in a few decades.

    1. I have to admit I’d be wandering around dressing myself in rags and claiming I was the queen within, oooh- two years? I’m pretty much a hermit these days, but I need people n a lot of ways. I admit it to myself.

      1. Animated animals would suit me. Like Wally with his cockroach. Or A Boy and His Dog…

        Not like 17 cats, because I’d worry about them overpowering me or needing too much food. maybe just two so I could pretend they complimented eachother’s personalities that i imagined they had…

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