Stasis, by Jason Hite, is an 8 minute stop-motion film based on the idea of a future made of bio-mechanical… something. That’s really the most I could understand form reading the blurb and watching it. But, after reading the blurb and watching it, my imagination is running wild.

Trailer (claymation boobies may be Not Safe For Work)


In the future, graveyards of humans are kept in massive cryostasis chambers. Each of a thousand cryo-pods holds the frozen dead and diseased waiting for a new life. In this first installment of STASIS, thawing begins with pod 611-383. A deceased woman is brought back to life in a grotesque world, alive and unnatural. All hopes and dreams of a new life are erased, as she is absorbed into the nightmare of STASIS.

This STOP-MOTION animated film is the first episode with a running time of 8 min.

I don’t really see what was described in the blurb so much as someone is born in Matrix style machine. That music is haunting me and now I’m left wondering…

Is she being separated out like a hive queen to mother the bio-mechanical baby swarm?

Is there ongoing experimentation on humans by the machines and she’s the next in line?

Is she the first new human after an alien species have come along and discovered nothing but mystery and ancient DNA?

What happens next?! Maybe there’s more story in the comic available over at Mr.Hite’s Etsy store. Maybe we, like the naked lady in the machine, have to just wait and guess.

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