In Case of Apocalypse, Your Government is in Control

I’ve noticed in my hunt for preparation and survival tips that the government, at all levels, has resources available to aid in self-preparation. Sure, it’s up to you what you do with this information; but, boy is it there and in abundance.

Some cities, South Lake Tahoe in California for instance, have volumes of emergency protocols and plans online. Unfortunately, they’re kind of outdated… On the other hand, some advice is priceless.

These plans cover and define everything from winter storms to terrorism. They’re fascinating, if you have a morbid fascination with disasters and disaster preparation, like I do.

If your state, county or town doesn’t have the plan in place to prepare you for safety in the face of disaster there is no need to fret. Disaster is an equal opportunity antagonist. You can look at the prep plans of a state that might face similar perils as your area but with fewer budget constraints and better online presence.

My home state, Massachusetts, has extensive emergency preparation plans you can use as templates, brainstorming kindle or straight up as they are.

1. Check out the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

2. Fill out this worksheet to determine how prepared your family is for disaster

3. Here are some prep links for all of New England’s major disasters (Floods, Hurricanes, Winter and Earthquakes (Really? Okay.)) and general prep plans and guides.

4. Finally, Pop over to to get to information that takes every area and disaster type into account and serves all of America.

If your area does not have published evacuation routes and plans, they will likely have contact information for those in your area who are responsible for these routes. In my town, the chief of the fire department is the Emergency Management Contact. (Boston’s Evacuation Routes are very detailed and even include maps. And, off to the side, information about neighborhood emergency center which carry medicines and things of the elderly or weak.)

Dig in and try to build yourself a library of in case of survival information and stock up on the recomended supplies (make sure to have enough for everyone — I had to go back out and make a another Go Bag for Husband… oops.).

Fun suggestion for once you’ve got your information sorted and you Go Bag packed? Make a Family Emergency mini ‘zine that you can all fit in your back pockets. Or, in your shoe. Ou! Laminate it and put it in your shoe or punch a hole in it and keep it on your key chain! (I’m so excited about this right now…)

How? Start by checking out this instructable for making an 8-page mini zine from one sheet of paper.

Template: 8-page mini zine template

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