Equal Rights After The Apocalypse: The Zombie Rights Campaign

Often we assume that after the apocalypse, we will be the good guys and everyone else will be the bad guys. But what about if we’re the good guys and the other guys are just misunderstood?

We’ve allowed the genies to become children’s playmates of choice [1. Aladdin] , encouraged the hero worship of killer robots [2. Terminators] and sat idly by at the romanticization of vampires [3. Too many to name] . All these creatures, once the stuff of nightmares, are now fodder for the diaries of adolescents.

What about the Zombies though? They remain the same shambling greedy shells of their former selves we’ve always viewed them as. We balk at the suggestion they may still have feelings and emotions. But what about rights? As former human beings are they still entitled to some if not all of the rights they once were. Should we consider them not villains but among the disabled?

According to The Zombie Rights Campaign, Zombies are people too.

Zombies are just like everyone else — they work hard, have committed relationships, and worry about putting food on the table for their children. It shouldn’t matter that the food on the table might be brains. It shouldn’t matter that zombie love doesn’t part at death; if anything, it shows additional dedication!

Sadly, our society as a whole is not so open-minded. Zombies face overt discrimination and vicious stereotyping every day, and we here at the Zombie Rights Campaign have dedicated ourselves to fighting back. We hope you’ll join us in our cause, and that we can work together toward a day when all people, both living and undead, exist together in peace and harmony.

The battle has been waged, or is yet being waged, for equality for women, blacks, homosexuals… all manner of living peoples have at one time or another stood up and declared that no longer would they be treated as second-class citizens by a society too long entrenched in its old ways of thinking. Is it so surprising that the undead feel the same call?

The ZRC provides many resources to assist us in understanding our supposed enemies [1. So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.
If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.

Sun Tzu “The Art of War”]. On their site you can find everything from writing guides to help you create zombie-friendly written work to research about real-world science.

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2 thoughts on “Equal Rights After The Apocalypse: The Zombie Rights Campaign

  1. Although zombies as a mass phenomenon (the viral/ supernatural zombie ‘plague’) may be demonised for the most part, the shift has already begun.

    Take the end of Shaun of the Dead, where the zombies are put to work (admittedly as little more than slaves). Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion makes you care about the zombie protagonist.

    In Romero’s Land of the Dead (ignoring the fact that it wasn’t that good…) the zombies, although still antagonistic toward humans, are starting to evolve into something more than brainless shamblers.

    Look at Frankenstein, the original fictional zombie. Much like the gods and demons comics have belittled to the status of superhero he too is a DC character. Frankenstein was one of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers. He has recently appeared in Mike Carey’s outstanding The Unwritten too.

    My fear is that we will be so prepared for ‘traditional’ zombies, and the heartbreak of having to headshot our loved-ones, that when they announce a cure a few weeks in we’ll be standing around knee-deep in the corpses of friends and family looking just a little sheepish…

  2. John, that’s a disturbing and realistic possibility. I always wonder about thing like that at the end of movies. But never as a possibility to my post-apocalyptic life…

    Would be be looking at huge Zombie internment camps to avoid having to either kill or live with them? Would we have to feed them and provide them with the basics like food, water, shelter, warmth? Would they get visitors?

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