Book Review: Apocalyse How by Rob Kutner

[1. provided for review by Running Press]

Let’s face it: Our world’s gotta go sometime.

Whether it’s due to mushroom clouds, asteroids, a mad supergenius, Jesus, newly sentient iPods, or Pod People, everything about life on Earth is going to change.

And you should be psyched.

APOCALYPSE HOW is a comprehensive cataclysmic guide that walks you through the Nine Most Likely World-Ending Scenarios, and provides useful and inspiring advice on every aspect of surviving (and thriving!) in the new world to come. Covering everything from food, shelter, and relocation to social life, dating, recreation and career, APOCALYPSE HOW is the only book you’ll need – and just might be the last one left at all.


OK, this is going to be a short review. Why? Because if you like this website, you will LOVE this book.

First things first, the funny. We’ve been told we’re funny (i think it may be by accident though) but we are rank amateurs. The rankest. This guy is funny. A little over reliant on the absurd or super-sarcastic, but that isn’t really a bad thing.

Secondly, it covers nearly every type of apocalypse you can imagine, and a few you can’t. It covers fashion, home, dating, and everything. Effectively, it is our website in a book, only our website is free (don’t stop reading our website. Please)

Loses a star because I’m jealous I didn’t think of this first. I CAN’T DO IT NOW THANKS.

BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. I’m planning on making it The Bible of my compound.


If you didn’t guess, I thought this was great.

[Rating: 4 out of 5 stars]

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