Apocalyptic Movie: MONSTERS

I like rummaging through the slush on Netflix streaming and seeing if there’s anything I can sit through. Sadly, it’s not often I can find something in the apocalyptic genre worth sitting through much less worth recommending. The bucket seems to be heavily populated with made-for-TV movies that couldn’t make it on TV and what seem to be student projects. But sometimes I find a gem.

Monsters was one of these gems. The film is beautiful in a way that only science fiction and fantasy can manage. The characters are deep and real, and the environment is immersive.

Check out the trailer below and the summary according to Netflix:

Monsters (2008) NR

Emerging from the rubble after a massive earthquake rocks Tokyo, American filmmakers Sarah (Sarah Lynch) and Erin (Erin Sullivan) capture on camera a glimpse of something rising from the torn ground: a 200-foot monster that’s a bigger threat than any tremor. This documentary-style horror film (à la The Blair Witch Project) is constructed from the tapes found in the duo’s camera.

Genre:  Horror Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Monster Movies, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi Horror Movies

This movie is: Suspenseful, Scary

Official Trailer:

Official site: http://www.monstersthemovie.com/

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