3 Things I really want to do post-apocalypse.

So, it turns out Tavia really wants to loot your house. I don’t blame her, you know.

I’m a pretty law abiding person, really. Not perfect- I know for a fact there are laws I’ve broken (I am not stupid enough to admit which ones in a public place) but in general I follow the law and have a positive opinion of the police.

However, I’ll admit there are a lot of laws and rules I keep to simply because I don’t want to get put in prison. 

When the Apocalypse happens, you’d better bet I am going to take the chance.

Steal a Police Car.

As I said above, I have a realisitc but mostly positive opinion of the police. There are some absolute dicks in the force, and the force in general is inherently morally conservative and reactionary, but it’s a valuable and important societal construct, and most officers join because they want to help people.

That said, I have always wanted to steal a police car. Right from outside the station, preferably.

I can’t even drive.

And if there is no possible way of getting in trouble, you’d better believe that for a few minutes the post-apocalyptic world will feature me driving around with the sirens and lights on, grinning like a maniac.

Set fire to something.

I like fire. I really like fire. I used to slouch around with a baddish crowd when I was 14/15, and they sometimes set fire to skips. I was never there when they did, because I didn’t want to get into trouble (seeing a theme?).

And I’m still inherently so concerned with these things, that I will of course ensure that what I set fire to won’t spread to other places and doesn’t have any people living in it. But I just… really want to set fire to something.

Go to Museums without paying.


This is why I keep saying that I am not cool. Look at that. Look at it. The world has ended, there are no restrictions on my behaviour aside my own conscience, and I want to go to a museum or art gallery without paying.

You know what I’m really looking forward to? Touring stately homes without paying a tenner per person!

Does it become a bit more rock and roll if I admit I might take some of the less fragile art for my safe house/ survival compound? Mine now, yoink.

Same goes for books, by the way. When I’m safe my compound will be full of books I haven’t paid for.

From this we can clearly see my priorities are a bit skewed, but hey. I’ll have the option, why not do this?

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