Why you should try to stay on our good sides.

Alright, so this is actually a post about us, because we are awesome.

In March, ICoS will have been going for a year. A year! In that year, I have got to know Tavia and Char quite well, and I tell you this: if these girls lived in the UK I would move heaven and earth to ensure they were on my post-apocalypse team. Why? I’ll tell you why.

We’re Obsessive:

Look at this place. Look at it. Look at what it used to be, and look at what it is now. We all have other things to do – work to work at, children to raise, books to write – and we spend a ridiculous amount of time on this ridiculous website that doesn’t pay. Why? Because we love it, and we’re all obsessional creatures.

As to why that’s a good thing? I like to think it’s because we will show the same obsessional thought and care to our post-apocalyptic lives. That level of insane dedication can only help us survive.

We’re clever:

This sounds arrogant. But we’re clever, we really are. And not just in the book-clever, educated way (after all, as a girl with almost no qualifications, I’m gonna have to say education is not the only way of defining intelligence) but we’re quick. We learn fast, we absorb facts and information like sponges.

This has obvious benefits. The faster the brain works, the better.

We’re manipulative:

Oh, that sounds mean. Would persuasive be better? OK then, we’re persuasive. We have taken this tiny, nerdy little website that we all thought would get a few hundred views a month at best, to something that gets 5000+ visitors a month and is rapidly increasing in popularity. And our Empire is growing – we’re being noticed.

And we did this because we know how to persuade people. We know how people work, and how to push their buttons. These skills? Kinda valuable after the end.

We’re all kinda scary:

As in, if I were on the wrong side of Char or Tavia, I would be genuinely worried for my physical and emotional well-being. We’ve had lots of discussions, and in general we all think we’d be capable of awful things if forced into it for survival. Doesn’t seem so bad? Surely most people would be capable, right?

Well, our definition of awful seems to be a little on the harsh side. I won’t go into too much detail. Just be aware we’re watching you, and if you make a wrong move, we will fuck you up.

So, it’s probably for the best that you stay on our good sides. When the apocalypse happens, should you come across a vaugely familiar face in the wastelands, and you think it’s us, do what you can to make sure we like you.

Oh, and message to sick fucks. Trying to get us in your rape gang/sex cult will end poorly for you. Don’t bother.

2 thoughts on “Why you should try to stay on our good sides.

  1. Oh, ann! I’d fight dirty for you any day! Point out some sumbitch and I’ll throw sand in their eyes or make their kid cry so you can get the last spot on the safe boat.
    And Char,I wouldn’t throw your kids over board. I’d even give them some Benadryl so they wouldn’t get all screamy when the robots came scanning.

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