Where do you see yourself in five years?

I have never answered this question honestly. My concern over the apocalypse forces me into a state of constant paranoia and readyness. Even typing this update, I am aware of three ways out of my house; where the nearest weapon is; where the nearest armour is and the best place to go for initial shelter. It’s time to be honest.

It doesn’t matter where I am, or what year it is. The only thing that matters is what might be coming. This is where I see myself in five years.


Year One:

In the first year of the apocalypse me, my husband and my hand-picked group of survivors will be spending time in various shitty shacks and safe buildings. We will be short on food and water., but able to get more. Make no mistake, we will be hungry and sick and arguing frequently. But we will be together, and we will be making headway.

Year Two-Three:

We will be securing permanent shelter. This will be tricky, as we will have to find a place secured and safe, but also able to hold a large number of people and provide food. This period will be our most difficult; we will probably lose some members through death or simply just leaving us. Still, we will eventually find such a place, settle in and make it livable.

Year Four to Five:

We will be settled into our permanent home, but our struggle isn’t over yet. Raiders will target us, and we will increasingly have to decide which survivors can come in and which are turned away. Things like demoncracy and personal choice will not really exist any longer, as every individual will have to count the survival of the group as more important than themselves. The loss of these concepts will be difficult for some to bear, and they will have to be exiled or imprisoned. This will put an added strain on resources and good will. We can expect our life to be much the same for our natural lives; which will be greatly shortened.


Now, if this sounds depressing bear in mind that this is the ideal version of my survival. The less ideal is us all starving to death in the first year. Expect the worst, strive towards the best, and post-apocalyptic survival will be a little more achievable and pleasant..

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