Training for the post-apocalypse

Now that my mind has re-injected itself into my body (the last few weeks have been rather hectic), I’m able to start thinking about post-apocalypse things again.

One of the post-apocalyptically focused things that have crossed my mind these past few days is the idea of training for the post-apocalypse. I know Anninyn has talked about it before, and she’s even got a training regimen already planned (and, you know, follows).

I, on the other hand, am nowhere near that organized.

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Or athletically inclined. I got a gym membership recently–and I’ve actually gone to the gym!

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–and have been working with a personal trainer. Which is all well and good and all that, but sometimes I have to wonder how effective personal training is when thinking about exercise in terms of post-apocalyptic survival.

Okay, so I do strength training and conditioning and all that. But will that increase my stamina enough to be able to survive running through who knows what kind of terrain after the world goes kaput?

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Will I be conditioned enough to loot and carry the loot for who the hell knows how far?

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Hmm…perhaps I should increase the cardio in my workout…

You tell me: What kind of workout/training regimen do you think will give you the best chances of post-apocalyptic survival?

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