There are Dancing Zombies at PAX East…

Ever seen dancing zombies? I have.

Here at In Case of Survival we’ve been basking in the wonderful panic and speculation that surround the Mayan-predicted End of Days. Video games starring zombies and set in the post-apocalypse have been a near constant tread and we’re loving it.

Well it’s that time again. The biggest video game expo on this side the country, PAX East, is back in Boston and it’s better than ever. Why? Because this year is PAX East 2012 and it’s the end of the world!

Psyched up to see people and play games, I hurried to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) after work. On my way to meet up with my friends I walked across the catwalk on the second level of the convention center I saw zombies. Dancing zombies.

Promoting all their wonder full games, from Solitaire Blitz to Plants vs Zombies, PopCap Studios set right up front with a display of zombies dressed like they fell out of Plants vs. Zombies and danced like a crew from ABDC[1. America’s next Best Dance Crew.].

It was amazing, experience it:

Dancing Zombies - Arrrg!
Dancing Zombies – Arrrg!

Dancing Zombies - Team Photo
Dancing Zombies – Team Photo

Dancing Zombies - OMG So Adorbz!
Dancing Zombies – OMG So Adorbz!


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