The Year of the Women of Armageddon [REVIEW]

Thanks to Tavia and the guys at ICoS for having me give my two penny’s worth on the Women of Armageddon 2013 calendar. I have been known to cast an appreciative eye over the female form in my time, so 12 months’ worth of post-apocalyptic ladies sounds right up my street. Does the calendar cut the mustard?

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The Women of Armageddon calendar looks pretty damn good. The images are high quality and show a decent range of locations and props that show the individual personalities of some of the models.

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There’s a definite Sucker Punch meets Borderlands vibe to the aesthetic of the photos; a tongue in cheek, satirical look at traditional glamour calendars but still using the sexuality of the models to great effect (Daniela, Miss March, has a post-apocalyptic Scott Pilgrim vibe going on that is pretty funky).

What I like about these models is that they’ve got sex appeal, yes, but they also look like they could hold their own in a fight. These aren’t your typical “oh, I broke a nail!

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” divas. These are bad ass babes with guns!™ It’s a nice touch that some of the models are also heavy metal musicians too, so you know they know how to handle themselves.

The calendar loses points for practicality.

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Whilst it’s all nice to look at, there’s little room to write in each day. This is partly due to the huge friggin’ number that dominates each square during the month. Every now and again you get a little mention of when each model’s birthday is, but this mention takes up all the space for that day.

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February has 3 days taken out of action because of this. What is nice is that there’s space on each month for extra notes (which you’ll need to use, given the limited space in each window).

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What I didn’t realise when I first looked through the calendar is that there’s a story behind the whole thing. I had to go digging through the Women of Armageddon website (and then onto their now closed Kickstarter project) to find that these women are participants of a reality TV show called “Wom
en of Armageddon” that tests their survival skills in an apocalyptic scenario, only to find that the actual apocalypse has happened. With this backstory, I found the calendar more enjoyable as each personality now had something extra to add. Without that knowledge, it was just a collection of bad ass babes with guns! ™ That in itself isn’t bad, but it was lacking in substance a little.

The Women of Armageddon 2013 isn’t a practical calendar, but it’s a fun, tongue in cheek look at traditional glamour calendars with a cast of strong yet sexy women and with a fun Doomsday twist to make it appealing to post-apocalyptic fans.


Jamie Gibbs is a reluctant runner and wannabe zombie survivor. He uses the impending zombie apocalypse as motivation to get fit, and blogs about his journey on his zombie fitness blog (creatively named The Zombie Fitness Blog).

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  1. Glad you liked the calendar and thank you for taking a look. Working on this project is a complete blast. I wanted to take all my gear home 🙂

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