5 thoughts on “The Apocalypse Walk

  1. I have just found a way to get my boyfriend to work out with me! Thank you for this wonderful idea. I’m sure he’ll take to this like a duck to water. He started his survival set-up by planning a shirt (for screen printing in the future) that will be covered in formulas, recipes, and basic knowledge. He’ll wear his shirt everyday so that mankind will never forget how to make paper (and drive girlfriends crazy). He calls it his “Mathamagian” shirt. Yeah, I date that guy.

    1. Well, I’m just back from mine and I feel great (tired though) totally persuade your boyfriend to join you- mine took an hour, which isn’t that long.

      And I think his Tshirt sounds awesome. My husband just has a book.

  2. How come I’ve only found this now? This is an awesome idea! I might start wearing a pack when I do runs listening to Zombies, Run! to simulate the extra weight. Love it!

  3. What if you don’t have a tredmill (can’t afford it; college student & getting married) and you don’t have a hill to climb up?
    I would also recommend Nerdfitness.com. They have great ideas and they have given me great tips of staying fit.

    1. Just go on the longest, steepest walk you can. My area is actually mostly flat – when I say ‘Hills’ I mean areas that other regions would call ‘slopes’.

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