Survival Sex Kit (not safe for some works)

So, when the power goes out and the liquor has run down, someone might get horny.

This brings me back to that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine’s favorite contraceptive is discontinued and she goes out and buys as much of it as she can. But then she rations it. She judges men more carefully and while she might like a guy, she also has to determine if they’re truly “sponge worthy.”

We must remember to invest in some of our baser needs to stave off maddness. But we can’t just start doing every Tom, Dick, and Harry who offers a leer because it’s good for our state of minds. That’s how you create Super Aids, Syphilmidia, and Babies. We need to be able to indulge and ration.

Solution: Invest in an Emergency Sex Kit. Continue reading “Survival Sex Kit (not safe for some works)”