Grieving post apocalypse

It’s a matter of post apocalyptic fact. You are going to lose someone you love. Parents, children, partners- maybe even just a pet. The apocalypse will steal them from you, break your heart. And it won’t just be in the initial chaos of the end of the world- it’ll happen in the back-breaking grind of immediate survival.

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It’ll even happen when your safe (ish) and settled (ish).

People are going to die, and probably much sooner than you would expect.

And you can’t afford to be distant and prostrate with sorrow. So what can you do?
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We’ve told you about Baddies. We’ve suggested the types of people you might meet. We’ve informed you of things to take into account while forming your group.

Now I’m going to list a very specific group of people: Liabilities.

These are people who, despite their skills, despite their talents and charming personalities simply aren’t worth it. Any benefit to having them around is massively overshadowed by how extraordinarily likely they are to get you killed.

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Post-apocalyptic ceremonies.

Ceremonies are important- every human culture has them. They mark our passage through life, from birth, through adulthood, marriage, parenthood and death. Without them, your post-apocalyptic society may not collapse, but it will lack cohesion- it will be less of a society, and more of a loose collection of individuals. It’s time to think ceremony.

Now, there won;t be the time and resources to perform the ridiculous, over-ornate and costly ceremonies that exist in the west, but ceremonies will still need to exist. ANd as a leader, you will probably have to lead them, in order to solemnise them and make them seem legitimate in the eyes of your followers. Cermonies have another advantage, one the church exploited in medieval europe- if someone misbehaves, you can restrict their access to these necessary markers, effectively making them a non-person. Cunning, hey?

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