Some depressing truths.

The Apocalypse (hell, any massive disaster which you may need to survive) is not going to be fair. Books and Films and Comics give us the impression that, as long as we’re a ‘main character’ we’ll make it. Oh, there’ll be tragedy and horror along the way, and people will die almost as if it was designed to have an emotional impact, but we’re the leading characters. We’ll make it!

Most people see themselves as the leading characters in their own story. The fact is, this won’t be a story, and we can’t all make it.

Most of us won’t. I plan to, but sheer bad luck can overcome all the preparation and planning in the world. I could have the misfortune to live at the epicentre of whatever kills us, and what then? I’m dead too.

If 90% of the population dies, there is no promise you or your loved ones won’t be among them.

So, why plan? Why bother at all if there’s no chance?

Because planning gives you a chance. A tiny chance, but it’s a chance. I say snatch every chance of survival there is. We plan for this because living is sweet, even when it’s back breaking, heart shattering hard. If your physical fitness and weapons training and knowledge of your environment gives you anything, it’s a hope that you and those you love might just make it.

But don’t get too comfortable with how good at this shit you are. Be constantly wary and cautious, because this is an Apocalypse, not a camping trip.

Some of you are going to die.


One thought on “Some depressing truths.

  1. I know even with all of my planning I’ll probably wind up dead. I’ve got some bad luck and worse coordination 😛

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