In a moment of madness I asked my twitter followers what they’d like me to write about.

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They said a Sexocalypse. Yeah.

So, that’s what I’m doing. Needless to say this is probably not safe for work.

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When I first started thinking of a Sexocalypse, my first thought was of some kind or contagious mental problem that forced humanity into having sex constantly until we all died out from exhaustion and starvation. And I have to say, that doesn’t sound like a terrible way to go. Aside from… chafing… issues.


But then I thought of something a little darker.

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A few of the Zombie people I follow on twitter have told me that the (theoretical) zombie virus could be spread sexually. In Crossed the virus was spread through all body fluids – including seminal fluid.

So I thought, what if there was some sort of virus that hit EVERY HUMAN who ever has unprotected sex?

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A lethal one. What the virus actually did wouldn’t matter. The problem would be in the way to avoid getting it: Either never having sex or only ever having condom protected sex for the rest of your life.

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Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, here’s the problem. In order to survive, the human race needs us to have children. To do that, we need to have unprotected sex.

A virus or infection that strikes at the very thing we need to do to maintain our infection is a pretty canny and scary prospect.

Worth thinking about, certainly.

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3 thoughts on “Sexocalypse

  1. That would suck! Though I’d imagine it’d do wonders for population control, and we need that. It would get to the point that you’d to undergo IVF treatment to decontaminate the sperm prior to fertilization (which would end up being costly as demand exploded – only the rich could afford to reproduce). That kind of class divide is rife with potential conflict.

    The burning question is, is the embryo infected as well as the mother?

  2. There was a cheap post-apocalyptic movie in the early ’90s (executive produced by Roger Corman, natch) with that concept: along with a nuclear war that left everything looking suspiciously like a gravel pit, there was a virus that rendered all male-female sexual contact deadly. No child had been born in twenty years, and men and women had separated into hostile tribes. (There was no mention of the rampant homosexual behavior that people would adopt as a fallback — this was a post-apoc action/adventure direct-to-video movie, and it knew its audience.) Hold on while I remember the title…

    …Thanks for waiting. It’s Terminal Virus (1995).

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