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Hygiene is of the utmost importance. I hear it’s kitty corner to some type of spirituality. Unfortunately, sometimes, it’s not enough to simply wash away the grime of a hard day’s work. Sometimes you also need to cleanse yourself of the stink of humanity so when you cower in your hidey-hole from the supernatural beasts seeking your flesh to fill their bellies you may go unnoticed.

I got a chance to e-meet Brad of thepinksink, an shop that sells various soaps, candles, lip balms and even mythological dolls. The interesting thing about this shop though is that they have a section to ward off potential end-of-the-world-level evil. All of which have well researched ingredients and witty conversational back stories.

We had a lot of fun coming up with the ideas and making them. I have always been interested in the supernatural. We actually have a nice collection in our personal library on the supernatural, and occult. As I got older I picked up the bug on survival preparedness, most likely from my time in the military, but you can never be prepared enough!

The idea started with Zombie Survival. I am a big fan of Zombie movies, books, and comics. I started thinking about all the different zombie characteristics, and decided that by using only natural non animal products free of any type of additional scent would make for the best soap. The intent is to assist you in avoiding detection by covering your normal human scent, and ensuring not to replace it with something else that can be picked from the undead. We did eventually add to the line with some new scents, as well as some additional products. Our scented items utilize all natural oils and scents to mimic outdoor surroundings providing  similar masking abilities of the human scent.  After all the smartest thing you can do during a zombie outbreak is just survive.

From there we moved to Vampires. I still like to believe that vampires really don’t intend to date your teenage daughter and need to be feared. There are so many legends to look at concerning vampires we had to narrow it down to what seemed to be the most consistent and oldest lore on dealing with these bloodsuckers. We took different legends we found in reading books, movies, comics, and internet sites, and then researched to find what we think will actually work. One example we found in our research was that there are actually two different blessings, a christening, and an exorcism for blessed water (Holy Water). Obviously went with the exorcism blessing. Again they are monsters, not misunderstood eternal teenagers with emotional complicated feelings.

The latest addition to the line of products concerns Werewolves (Lycans).  That one was a little bit more difficult since a lot of the research found that things you find in these legends to fend off a werewolf (Wolfsbane ) are toxic to humans as well. No worries, we did find a safe solution to the issue. The line will be limited to one style only though. With this one we went with a mistletoe scent, and dusted it silver mica.

Stocking up now with an arsenal of hygienic defense for all possible forms of supernatural evil to come can be easy if you click over to thepinksink‘s Fun, Fur and Fangs section.

Each bar of soap pictured is $4.99 and shipping varies depending on where you live. thepinksink also has candles to light your way when the power fails and lip balm to moisturize your lips when the dehydration kicks in.

You can also check them out on Blogspot, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Hmmm… this is all well and good, I would suggest that the zombie soap should contain deep sea salt, which not only exfoliates but protects you from voodoo zombies.

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