Ruin is a thing of Post-Apocalyptic beauty.

Ruin is a short film – around 9 minutes – by Oddball Animation. A simple story set in a post apocalyptic world.

And it is BEAUTIFUL. Stunningly animated with wonderful music.

Seriously. Look.



Wasn’t that lovely? That is how I like my post-apocalyptic worlds. Overgrown, crumbling and filled with remnants of old tech. Someone needs to give Oddball Animation a boatload of money to make a feature length thing. I would watch it, and so would you.

2 thoughts on “Ruin is a thing of Post-Apocalyptic beauty.

    1. If I had boatloads of money, I would shower them in it and tell them to make a full length animated thing with awesome, non cliche characters. And then force everyone into watching it at all times.

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