Post-Apocalyptic Reading: Pocket Guide To The Apocalypse by Jason Boyett

This is not a review. I just bought a book and am too excited to wait until after I’ve read it to spread the word.

I generally get excited about bout books; but gosh, I love facts and short bursts of information. Those fact a day calendars were made for me [1. except I always binge and cheat by looking ahead to learn more.]. And this new book, is right up my alley.

At times, I can have a handicapped attention span. The worst is when I know I only have a little bit of time, like on the train on my way to work. It’s difficult for me to get into a book knowing I can only read in sprints here and there or risk missing my stop because I’m engrossed [2. I know, woe the problems of the first world citizen].

Jason Boyett’s Pocket Guide To The Apocalypse: The Official Field Manual For The End Of The World is a perfect cure for not only my morbid fascination with the apocalypse, but also my love of sample-size facts and short-burst reading.

(Also, it fits in my purse. I love books that fit in my purse. [3. Has anyone realized I’m a huge nerd yet?])

The Pocket Guide has a healthy stylistic mix of light-hearted banter and bullet pointed research. It’s my perfect, stolen bowl of porridge [4. Except I bought it on amazon and I’m not a trespassing blonde.].

Check it out and see if it’s right for you:


The Pocket Guide… takes a humorous look at our culture’s ongoing love affair with the “End Times.” A handful of anecdotes, acknowledgments of the phenomenon in pop culture and insights from the author precede chapters like: “Apocalyptionary: A Glossary of the End Times,” “Fun with Eschatology” and “Armageddon Grab-Bag.” Don’t get left behind on this end-times extravaganza! (Source:



Pocket Guide To The Apocalypse: The Official Field Manual For The End Of The World

4 thoughts on “Post-Apocalyptic Reading: Pocket Guide To The Apocalypse by Jason Boyett

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