Post-Apocalyptic Reading – Impressions: ACHERON by Bryon Morrigan

Description of Bryon Morrigan’s Acheron[1. This book was provided for review byPermuted Press]

Captain Nate Leathers thought being a soldier on the frontlines in Iraq was hard enough. And when his convoy is attacked and he’s thrown in a dungeon by insurgents, he can’t imagine things can get any worse. But then the world is turned upside down.

When he escapes, Leathers finds the city of Basra shrouded in green mist and under siege from nightmare creatures far more horrific than any terrorist. Walking corpses. Tentacled beasts. Giant slithering things. Ancient creatures risen from the depths.

Alone in the city Leathers will have to draw on all his training to survive, let alone stop the mist from spreading. Monsters beyond imagination are closing in … and some of them are human.


It’s been quite some time between my receiving this book and my reviewing it, and sadly I think that says a lot.

I am a girl with a short attention span, but normally that short attention span does not apply to books. It did here, which made me sad. I read the first dozen pages six or more times, and while they were competently written and well characterised nothing about them grabbed me enough to keep reading.

I can’t do a proper review, as I didn’t finish it. Perhaps it just wasn’t the book for me. I can say there is nothing wrong with it, just perhaps the military background isn’t really my thing.

I’d still say, that the book has (from what I read) excellent description and good characters, and if you’re more into the military thing then I am you would probably find it a lot more arresting.



DNF, so I can’t score it fairly.

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