Post-Apocalyptic kickstarters.

Recently, my favourite gaming magazine did an article on kickstarter funded games. There were a surprising number of post-apocalyptic games on there, which made me happy. The one I’m am most looking forward to is Wastleand 2. It’s not the only post apocalyptic thing on kickstarter, though it is one of the best funded. This week, what I am doing is finding some exciting looking, not fully funded post-apocalyptic kickstarters, and telling you to go and spread your cash around.


But what is kickstarter, you ask, like a disgusting noob?

Kickstarter is effectively a way of crowd-sourcing the financing required to start a creative project. Members of kickstarter pledge what they can afford in return for rewards (don’t worry, no money changes hands until the project is backed) and the money goes towards funding a project. For more information, check out their FAQ.

So, with that out of the way, my top post-apocalyptic kickstarters. [1. at the time of research and writing, these kickstarters were active and not completely funded. This may have changed between writing and publishing. I have not been bribed to write this list.]

Z-con: “Z*Con is a Horror/Comedy film about four teen podcasters who are trapped at a comic convention when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. They use social media to share what’s going on inside with the outside world. It’s kind of like “Goonies” meets “Shaun of the Dead” set in…well….a comic convention”. That sounds good enough for me, and it should be good enough for you. If it’s not, take it into account that Neil Gaiman likes the idea. Special note: Back at least $15 and get a copy of the film. Needs $250,000 by the 11th of July 2012.

Stage presents: A midsummer nights dream: A version of Shakespeares play set in a Fallout-esque world. Special note: People who back $50 or more can recieve a home-made pip-boy.

American Sulla: “What if nuclear terrorists succeed? What happens next? That’s the question that American Sulla tackles. President William Orwell Steele must grapple with rescuing the survivors of the blast, coping with the flood of refugees from the fallout cloud, battling militias and assassins, and finding and punishing the masterminds behind the attack. Meanwhile, a host of other characters find their lives radically altered in the aftermath of the attack. Some will die. Some will find love. None of them will ever be the same.”  Needs to be fully funded by the 15th of july 2012.

Thread or Dead: “combines the best of retro television, games, movies and music from your past into awesome t-shirt designs. Stir in a little zombie action and we’ve got some killer t-shirt designs ready to be rocked here, there and everywhere.” Special note: Back $20 or more and get a free tshirt. Needs to be funded by the 28th of July 2012.

One Year Later: “Carter, an apocalypse survivor, has been living in the forest for months as a means of avoiding infected locations.  As Carter moves through the woods he stumbles across a cabin which is occupied by a Man and a young boy.  Carter makes a deal with the Man in exchange for some fresh water and supplies, but soon learns that there’s a much darker side to the Man who lives in the woods.” One thing I really like in post-apocalyptic fiction of any kind, si when the story deals with the other stuff about living post-apocalyptically, rather than just the story of the apocalypse itself. This is a promising looking horror/thriller. Needs $13000 by 5th august 2012.




And some that are fully funded, but just seem cool:

Play Dead: “People want to see Homeward Bound meets a zombie apocalypse, they just don’t know it yet.”

Zpocalypse: “a survival board game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland”

H.O.P.E:  ” Our heroes are a uniquely assembled bunch surviving together as a family in an unforgiving wasteland.  The story is packed with danger and fun in the vein of 80’s classics such as “The Goonies” and the “Indiana Jones” series”

Feel free to have a look around for some post-apocalyptic kickstarters you like the look of and post them in the comments.



One thought on “Post-Apocalyptic kickstarters.

  1. Goonies meets Shaun of the Dead? How many kidneys will it take to fund? I can go as high as three.

    I’ll have to take a good look at these projects. I fancy supporting a crowdfunder but I’ve not found one I really like …yet.

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