Post apocalyptic hauntings

Last week I talked about supernatural apocalypses (apocali?) and came to the conclusion that they were just as likely as zombies, if you really push your definitions.

But with ghosts I was stuck. Could ghosts cause an apocalypse? If ghosts exist (and I’ll leave you to your beliefs on that subject if you leave me to mine) would they haunt the world post-apocalypse? I mean, if anything will create ghosts the end of the world will. If ghosts do cause the apocalypse, how on earth will we defend ourselves against them?

I aim to answer these questions today.

Firstly, we need to assume that ghosts exist, and not only do they exist, they are capable of thought and a desire to harm others. Now we’ve completely divorced ourselves from reality as is commonly accepted, we can go ahead.

Taking that logic jump into account it still seems hard to believe ghosts could cause an apocalypse. If they had significant power and focus, perhaps- enough to get a few poltergheists to depress a few buttons and BOOM. We’re all dead. But in that scenario ghosts are merely using human creation to end the world- they aren’t causing it in and of themselves.

But what if they could? What if ghostly presence grew, and they made human’s a little- crazy- with each encounter. The best ghost stories have malicious ghosts causing such fear and harm to their victims that the victims go mad, or die. And if there were enough ghosts with this level of malicious power, then enough people could go mad or die to slowly grind the world to a halt.

I have to admit, it doesn’t seem very likely. It doesn’t look like this kind of apocalypse is one we need to worry about just yet.

But wait. There is something we need to worry about.

Post apocalyptic hauntings.

If ghosts are created by violent death, then post apocalypse there will be hundreds. Thousands. Millions. Depending on the from of manifestation it could be almost impossible to go into areas of heavy manifestation. This would leave cities impassable for generations, adding to the difficulty of post apocalyptic survival.

Whoa. Worth thinking about, hey?


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