Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novels

I’ve been getting into comics lately. Kind of. The graphic novel variety. Sometimes all my shows are on break and I’m not ready for a new book yet but I want to keep myself alarmed and entertained. In these times, I find graphic novels the perfect niche to fill the void.

One of the best things about getting into graphic novels late? Digital comics are becoming increasingly popular and most publishers have an app or a partnership to get their products directly into my iPod[1. Suck on that Borders. I don’t need your stores. … Though I wouldn’t hate it if you brought a few of them back.].

I suggest looking into some of the titles below, for starters.

SWEET TOOTH Written by JEFF LEMIRE ; Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

The first five issues of Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed new series introduce Gus, a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid who was raised in isolation following a pandemic that struck a decade earlier. Now, with the death of his father, he’s left to fend for himself . . . until he meets a hulking drifter named Jepperd, who promises to help him. Jepperd and Gus set out on a post-apocalyptic journey into the devastated American landscape to find ‘The Preserve,’ a refuge for hybrids

You can download issue #1 for a free preview [2. Bait to get you hooked.].


FALLING SKIES – Writer: Paul Tobin, Artist: Juan Ferreyra, Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse, Cover Artist: Juan Ferreyra

In the heart of Boston, following the devastating events of an alien invasion, history professor Tom Mason and his sons Hal, Matt, and Ben are just trying to survive. After an extreme firefight with the aliens, Ben gets kidnapped. Determined to get his son back, Tom joins forces with the 2nd Mass, a militia group that is taking the fight against the aliens. But with the group’s munitions supplies running low, Tom must locate an old friend to equip himself and his team in order to ensure the survival of the human race!

  • Based on the Falling Skies television program from DreamWorks Television and starring Noah Wyle!



The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman; artist Tony Moore, who was replaced by Charlie Adlard from issue #7 onward [3. although Moore continued to do the covers through issue #24 – source].

Rick Grimes, Sheriff of a small town in Kentucky awakes in a hospital. Comatose after being shot while on duty, Rick finds the world abandoned of all things living and is faced with walking undead, who attack him on sight. He returns home to find his family, son Carl and wife Lori, gone. He meets his new neighbor, who points him towards Atlanta. After retrieving supplies from the abandoned Police Station, Rick sets off to Atlanta to search for his family.





This last on is a bit different. Instead of being a POST-apocalyptic tale, it’s a pre-apocalyptic saga. Days Missing is the story of The Steward, a man living outside of time but forever correcting mistake to keep it on track.

I read the first issue (free) on the comixology app on my iPod and i was hooked.

DAYS MISSING – Written by Phil Hester; Art by Frazer Irving

Since the dawn of time, a being has existed whose interaction and interference with mankind has shaped human history. His powers of time and intellect have allowed him to secretly remove certain critical days from the historical record. Their stories have never been told. Their details have never been documented. Their existence is not remembered. But the occurrences of these days have forever changed the course of humanity’s evolution. These are the days missing from our existence, and they are about to be revealed!





Suggestions for others are greatly appreciated!


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