[PAX East] Remember Me might have been unforgettable because it left behind evidence.

Remember Me has been sneaking around in the background of the gaming world for some time now. Its quite didn’t go unnoticed though, as the wait to play at PAX East was 2 hours long at all times.

This single-player, action-adventure game stars Nilin, a memory hunter in Neo-Paris in 2084, trying to remember her way back to who she was and why a corporation would go to such great lengths to erase her mind.

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From the demo it’s clear this will be a fun action adventure with tried and true elements like platforming and chained melee combat.

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But Remember Me is also bringing ‘memory remixing’ to the table where player can change the way targets remember things. “Hey, old friend.”

Personally, I kept going back to the booth because they had a photo booth and an AMAZING Nilin cosplayer.

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