Nineworlds Apocalypse!

Well, I’m back from NineWorlds Geekfest, and I can’t think of a group I’d rather survive the apocalypse with.

What a wonderful experience NineWorlds was.

My panels went brilliantly, the other panellists were interesting and had wonderful perspectives, and our audience was clever, invested and of course, absolutely wonderful. The Ragnarok! panel did reveal just how many people are willing to resort to cannibalism though…

Pictures were taken of me on the panels but they’ve not surfaced yet.

The Ragnarok! panel was quite nerve-wracking, what with being on stage in front of 200 people with actual experts and people like Laurie Penny. The Disability panel came to the conclusion that come the Apocalypse, we would win and be in charge, which was a nice change.

Speaking of Laurie Penny, she was wonderful on the Mad Max panel, which I am very glad I got into. The queue was huge, and the panel could probably have done with being in one of the larger rooms.

Oh and I found a few post-apocalyptic cosplays, one from a personal friend of mine – which comes first.

sian vault suit

She wore this wonderful Fallout Vault Suit. Amazing

Next is this wonderful Furiosa cosplay which is spot-on.


And while not strictly post-apocalyptic, I’d feel wrong if I didn’t show you this amazing Tiny Tina costume.


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