Must read: Days with the Undead.

By now you know I love blog serials. Like, a lot. I tell you to read them at every available oppurtunity. And why not? They’re basically free novels that you read chapter by chapter. What’s wrong with that?

Well, I’ve found another good one, and if you don’t read it I’ll chuck you out of my survival compound to die in the wastes. So there’s that going for it.

It’s called Days with the Undead, and it’s written from the point of view of a Zombocalypse survivor. It’s written as a diary (an effect I also like) and it’s bloody good. It’s also fairly new, so when it takes off you can be all cool and say you liked it before it was popular.

My favourite thing about it is the realistic human reaction to the undead- life is harsh, and unfair.

Days with the Undead can be read here (start with Day 3) and it’s writer tweets here.

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